How to be a tourist in your own city: 5 creative and budget friendly tips

Our cities are our homes. While taking a vacation is one of the most amazing things since pancakes; we can’t always drop everything, hop on a plane off to an exotic Island. So what do we do when we can not travel all around the world? We can explore our cities.

How to be a tourist in your city
National Theatre – Lagos, Nigeria shot by @destinyawata

You may not know this yet, but there are fun things to do in your city and a lot of fun ways to explore it. Today we are giving some tips on how to be a tourist in your city.

5 tips on How to be a tourist in your city and some fun activities to Dow:

1. Step out of your own head and look around you: we are always searching for the next best thing and sometimes this makes us not appreciate what we have before our eyes. We don’t think we can have fun in our cities because we have associated our cities to work, stress, school, bills and so on. This is why you should step out of your head for a moment, drop all those notions you have about your city and try to look at it with fresh eyes. From a tourist perspective.

2. Google: Google is your friend. You will be surprised what you will find if you just type a simple search query such as “fun places around me” or “best restaurants in my city” and so on. So get on Google and start searching. You can check locations, read reviews and make up your mind on places you may want to check out.

Always do search fun places on google
Google is your friend

3. Make a list: write down a list of all the places that stood out during your search and also based on your interests. When on vacation we are usually more open-minded to try new things and indulge in new experiences, apply this while touring your city. Be open-minded to try new things and new adventures. Make a list of places to go with their addresses and also things to do while at these places. You can also do a little more research on these places as regards opening hours, parking, entry fees, and so on.

4. Book a staycation: Staycations are a perfect way to experience your city in another dimension. It definitely gives all the tourist vibes you may be searching for. You can book a weekend stay at a hotel in your city, get your itinerary ready, and go on an adventure weekend which you will love. Or just stay indoors and enjoy pampering yourself at your desired location.

5. Join a tour group: another way to have the tourist experience is to join a tour group , this way you do not have to do these fun things alone. You get to meet new people in your city and also tourists visiting and experiencing. You can also go on group tours with friends and family.

Some fun activities to do include:

* Visiting a Museum, Aquarium, Park, and so on.

* Go dancing in a new spot or to a karaoke bar.

* Learn to ride a bike and ride around your city.

* Visit a boutique hotel, somewhere nice and quite cozy and undiscovered.

* Visit a new restaurant or try out street food in a new area in your city.

Touring your city can be so much fun. You will discover so many things you never knew existed around you. Remember every place needs a different kind of outfit, financial commitment, and so on. Also, you don’t need to break the bank, you can totally do this on a budget and with a little research, you’re off to having a whole lot of fun. So get prepared to start your adventure. Also, do not forget to take lots of pictures and enjoy your time.

While we may not be able to hop on a plane every time we have some wanderlust, we can hop around our cities during the weekends or on our days off and make some fun memories.

Have you ever tried touring your city? If yes, how was your experience and where did you go? If No, is is something you may want to try? Leave a comment below..?



  1. What a great read, I should absolutely check out different places in my city with my tourist vibe on, already excited 😁😘


  2. Haha, yes! I’ve tried touring my city and I’ve been doing this for countless times now. Shocking that I also did a writeup on the importance of Google Maps in finding places of interests around us.

    Awesome writeup Dee!


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