November: A message to the restless.

All your plans have changed, your emotions are all over the place. Sometimes you feel good other times you feel sad, angry, anxious, confused. You don’t understand why you feel how you do.

You have felt this way for quite a while now. You have fleeting moments of happiness, peace, and clarity. These moments are however not long-lasting, soon you find yourself back to feeling restless.

A new month has begun, will you continue this way you ask yourself. How do I still my restless soul? You ask yourself over and over again. Searching for a solution.

Dear restless soul,

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel numerous emotions. Don’t pressure yourself into being “fine”. Seek help if you feel you need to speak to someone. Take a break. Unplug. Breath fresh air. Stop trying to “fix” yourself. Some feelings cannot be fixed overnight. Be dedicated to the process. Moments are precious, don’t be do wrapped up in your own head that you miss precious moments.

Always remember you are only human. Breath. Live. Love yours.

Happy November❤


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