Why the White Shirt is a wardrobe essential + Ways to wear this staple piece.

It’s been a minute on the fashion fort but we are back with a bang, bringing you a new series called “wardrobe essentials“. In this series, we will be showing you basic wardrobe essentials, giving reasons why you should have these pieces as well as styling tips. If you don’t know where to begin building up your wardrobe, then this series is for you.

Wardrobe Essential: The white shirt.

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 A full sleeve button-front white shirt seems like a basic piece or boring article of clothing but it is the ultimate wardrobe essential that every man or woman should have. Why? Because this seemingly boring piece can easily make you look high end, well kept, and super chic, if styled properly.

We believe every good wardrobe needs essential pieces and the white shirt is one. If your goal is to always look chic like us chicitynomads then a white shirt is a piece you should own. It is versatile, stylish, and is that piece that easily takes you from daywear to nightwear. It is also quite affordable to purchase at brands like Zara, Asos, Boohoo, etc, as well as thrift stores, so if you’re living frugally (which we recommend 😉) you don’t need to break the bank to own this wardrobe essential.

Things to take note of when buying your white shirt:

  • Fabric Quality: Always check for the quality of the fabric, cotton is always a good idea but so is silk and chiffon. Ensure the shirt is of good quality fabric which feels good against your skin isn’t scratchy.
  • Details and finish: Check the buttons, collar, cuffs, etc. The best white shirts have quality interlinings and a good finish. You don’t want loose threads hanging out or misplaced buttons.
  • Fit: Always check for the fit, ensure it is comfortable and fits your body shape properly. Even when buying an oversized white shirt, the fit matters, you do not want to go too big that it hangs weirdly on your body frame.

Some awesome ways to style the white shirt:

  • Formal Wear ie. Business/Workwear: Every working man or woman needs to own a white shirt. It is a classy piece that can be worn with suits, pants, and skirts in all the colors under the sky, and it goes well with prints, patterns, polka dots, and so on. So it is super versatile.
  • Casual Chic: the white shirt can be worn casually to informal events, brunch, date nights, and so on. It’s perfect on jeans ( loose-fitting, ripped, distressed, etc), shorts, leather skirts, shorts or pants and so on.

  • Beautifully layered: for those that like to layer, the white shirt is an amazing piece to layer on, because of its basic color which makes serve as a clean canvas to work on. Adding other pieces and accessories such as sweaters, corset tops, belts, jackets, coats, scarves, and so on is super easy.
Layered white shirt style/ outfits
Layered white shirt outfits
  • Oversize chic: The oversize chic white shirt style is fast becoming a fashion favorite for the ladies as well as the gentlemen. It can be worn casually, sporty, sexy, and so on, especially for women because it gives that boyfriend jeans appeal. I dare say the oversize white shirt is another version of the boyfriend jeans style super sexy and comfortable.

Oversize white shirt outfit ideas
Over shirt white shirt styles
  • Streetwear style: Streetwear never dies as we all know. If you’re the type to go for fashion week street style looks then you should own a white shirt to pair and style however you feel.
White shirt Street style outfit ideas

In conclusion, the white shirt is a fashion staple and a wardrobe essential everyone needs. Do you own a white shirt? What is the best way you style this piece? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Yep! I own a couple white shirts and I like how well they go with jeans and corporate outfits. Super good. First time I heard if its importance was on radio and I’ve moved to acquire more ever since.

    Good tips Dee!!!


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