5 tips: How to Style Loungewear for a chic look

Since the pandemic, everyone and their mums now own lounge wear, for obvious reasons. It is super comfy, cute and also stylish.

However, now that “we outside” these days, how does one fashionably style loungewear for outings like brunch with your girls, dates and so on without looking basic. Today we are talking how to take lounge wear from basic to stylish.

Style guide for loungewear

1. Make sure the “fit” fits : I am not trying to confuse you but ensure that your loungewear fits your shape. The beautiful part about loungewear is that it is supposed to look comfy, so many of us buy ours in 1 size or 2 sizes up, depending on our taste. However, how it looks on your body frame matters a lot. It shouldn’t be too tight and also not too loose that your shape is lost in the outfit.

Fitting loungewear

2. Go monochrome: Monochrome outfits have a way of looking fashionable and put together, without even trying. Achieving this is easy as most long wears come in sets anyway.

If they are sold separately at the store, buy both pieces, not only do they look great and stylish together, they can also be essential pieces in your wardrobe that can be styled separately.

Monochrome loungewear 

Style guide
Monochrome loungewear

“Everything looks more stylish when monochrome ”

3. Accessories : Accessories put the C in chic. It’s funny how a single gold Cuban link, loops or pearl earrings can take your outfit from basic to edgy or casual chic. Do not be afraid to wear accessories.

How to style loungewear

4. Style them separately: one of my favorite things about loungewear is that they come in sets as I mentioned earlier, this allows you to style them separately and can be a rich addition to your wardrobe.

Best fashion tips for lounge wear
Loungewear bottom paired with trendy tee

5. Keep it Simple: loungewear already gives off this cozy and casual vibe, so it is quite easy to style and also tempting to over-accessorize resist the urge to do too much.

Keep it simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing it for for date night or drinks with the girls or dressing it down for a fun brunch meeting, always keep it simple, classy, and chic.

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We hope this article helps you fabulously style your lounge wears. Remember you can buy affordable pieces and make them super stylish by how you wear them. For more fashion, finance and lifestyle related content follow our blog, subscribe to the website and also the YouTube channel. Keep living your best life. Love Dee đź’•


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