Starting the year right: 10 things to do before the new year

This year has been one of growth for so many. If you’ve found yourself growing, changing and reaffirming your boundaries lately, “go little rock star”! I am so proud of you love.

Going into the new year a lot of people have plans for new year resolutions and goals etc which is nice but I believe that the grunt work actually begins before the year begins.

Alot of us are already writing our new year resolutions.

So therefore, today I will be talking about 10 things to do before the new year begins to get you starting the new year like the amazing badass that you are that can take on the world!

10 things to do before the new Year

1. Declutter your life: Declittlering is a very healthy exercise that rids you of excess physical and emotional baggage. If you have been holding on to those size 12 dresses from before and every year you say you will work on your weight but it doesn’t just happen as planned, I see you trying and I am proud of you but you have to let those dresses go.

Declutter before the new year

Look for a beautiful size 12 lady and give them to her or donate them to your local church or good will store. When you work on your weight this year and hit your size 12 goal, you will buy more beautiful clothes.

Holding on to those dresses will be a constant remind of what you will see as failure that you won’t even see your progress.

Decluttering doesn’t always have to be your closet, it can be your phone, numbers of friends you no longer speak to but you keep, your house, your emotions and so on. This action will leave you feeling free and ready to take on the new year.

2. Look over your finances: Money, money money! Your financial statement holds the truth of all your financial activity in the year.

If you have been thinking, where did my money go through out the year, now is the time to find out the truth. Reviewing your financial statements against the new year is super important, you get to know your spending habits, how much of your income goes into key payments like rent, student loans and so on and also, it helps guide you when you’re creating your financial goals for the new year.

I know a lot of you are already having anxiety attacks thinking about looking over your whole financial statement, don’t worry. If you shoot me a message on @deeawata on Instagram , we can do it together.

3. Call your loved ones: in the cause of the year, a lot of us may have lost touch with family, friends, and loved ones in general. Nothing says love and reconciliation than the festive season. knowing that man cannot be an island and we all need love and support, ensure to reach out to your loved ones this season. Call them, ask about their lives, share love and conversation, ask for forgiveness where necessary and rid yourself and your convince of the guilt that has been eating at you all year long. When you do this, trust me, you will feel better, happier and more Loved.

4. Spend some time on yourself: I know you spent a lot of your time taking care of everything and everyone else. Your job, your business, your family, your friends, everyone but yourself.

Spend some time on yourself.

The holiday is the perfect excuse to spend some time with yourself, take care of yourself, gift yourself, try a new hair do, relax, drink wine, watch your favorite cheesy Christmas movies or show yourself the much deserved TLC (Tender love and Care) that you deserve.

5. Meditate: Meditation is proven to be one of the ways to connect with yourself, your inner soul and feed your peace. I find meditation very healthy and helpful as well. If you struggle with focusing then you definitely need to start meditating more.

6. Make a gratitude list: This is a personal favorite because one of my words for the year was gratitude. I found out that being we as humans tend to focus on all that we do not have instead of all that we do have. So pick a pen and a paper focus on this year and write out a gratitude list.

It doesn’t have to be huge things like moving out or getting hitched. It can be waking up daily, your mental health, the door man that gives you a warm smile everyday that brighten your day, your work buddy at your toxic job that makes everyday easier, friends that understand you, family that support your, your spouse or partner. Take out time and write this list.

7. Ask for guidance : I truly believe in prayer and seeking guidance against the next year. We all want some sense of direction entering into the new year because it is very important to feel that we are on our path of purpose at every point in time. Seeking guidance from God has helped me personally because he always comes through. You may not be religious like me that’s fine, anything that represents a higher power and supreme being to you is what you should seek guidance from. If uoj also want to try praying to God which I recommend, say a short prayer that goes thus: Dear God, it’s me, your child, lead me to my purpose, make my life easier, send help to me, show me the way, I believe and trust you. Amen.

8. Make a vision board: A vision board is a visual representation of your projections. I fully believe that creating a mood board to visually represent your goals and resolutions make them come alive. Now it’s not just a though in your head that you wrote down, it’s a thought that you have represented in visual form.

The vsion board you should create is what you want your next year to look like for you, is it more financial success? More  career opportunities? More peace? More travel?
The vision board you should create is what you want your next year to look like for you, is it more financial success? More career opportunities? More peace? More travel? Whatever you want to see that dwell in your secret desires create it and have it somewhere you can always go back to. Some people frame their mood boards and keep them in their rooms or bathrooms and look at them every morning before they go about their day .

9. Write a failure/ disappointment list: We already talked about the gratitude list now let talk about the failure/ disappointment list. Here is an exercise I think everyone needs to do at the end of the year, (you may need wine for this one) write a list of everything that hurt you, every failure, every disappointment, take your time, write them out on a sheet of paper. After you’re done, look it over, read it, feel your feelings, cry if you need to, afterwards take that paper and burn it. Or shred it in pieces! We are not taking any feeling of self-loathe, self-depreciation, and so on into the year.

10. Live, breathe be happy: Now that you have done all these things, ensure you’re lining your best life, having fun, enjoying love and laughter this season while setting your goals for the new year.



  1. Awesome list 🥁🤗. Yasss to Reflections and vision boards. Indeed, before the year starts, there are major things we need to partake in to usher in the new year. Thank you for sharing 🤗


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