Read this before setting new year goals: 3 reasons why you shouldn’t rush setting your new year goals.

Happy new year lovelies! Just like everyone, I am a sucker for new beginnings, new days, new weeks, new months, and my personal favorite, New Year. Why? Because of all the endless possibilities, a new beginning represents. It’s always a beautiful time of the year when you feel the new beginning vibe flow through your veins.

It is also, one of the most anxious times of the year because this is the time you get to decide your focus for the year through goal setting.

In the last post, we discussed things to do before the year ends to prepare you for the new year, and today I am talking about why you should not rush into setting those new years goals.

Goal setting is different for all of us, but one thing it does is give us a guide as to what we want and how we want to achieve what we want.

3 reasons to not rush into setting new year’s goals.

1. Preparation is important: I know you said happy new year and you have posted the new year pictures with the new year quotes etc but the question is Are you really ready for the new year? Or are you pretending to be ready? Being ready for the new year isn’t about buying journals and posting pictures, it is about being physically, mentally and emotionally, and spiritually ready for another 12 months of living.

Starting a new year comes with a lot of pressure. Maybe this is a time to breathe and decide what you want exactly before going ahead to set your goals.

Do not allow the pressure of social media and everyone around you make you set half baked goals. Take out time to reflect, to think deeply and prepare yourself for what’s to come in their new year. Pray, read etc and be ready for the year in your would

2. Rid yourself of Fear: New beginnings are equally scary as they are exciting. One most important things to do before setting your new year’s goals is to rid yourself of ALL FEAR. Fear a thief of joy, confidence, and conscious decisions. If you rush to set your goals without ridding yourself of fear first, then, you’re setting yourself up for failure, you will be setting safe goals and not going out of your path to aim for the best. Remember you deserve the best so why are you playing small? The answer is simple. Because of fear. Exercises like prayer, reading, meditation, and deep thinking help you rid yourself of all unnecessary fear. Also, way’s remember, you can do anything and you shouldn’t play small just because it’s more convenient.

Mediation is great to exhale all negativity and free yourself from unnecessary limiting emotions.

3. You need a clear focus: For every goal-setting exercise to be successful, you have to have a very clear focus on the vision you see for yourself. Ask yourself, what do I want out of life this year? And start writing them down to give you that visual look of all your wants and needs. For me, the question I ask myself is what is most important to me right now? How do I maintain it? What would make my life more beautiful? What would make my life easier? These questions give you perspective to what you what and how fast you want it.

As mentioned in the last post this is where a vision board comes into play. It helps you see visually all the goals you have set down for yourself. It also helps you decide which goals are not important and which are most important to you.

Now that you have gone through all these exercises to fully prepare yourself for the new year fearlessly and with a clear focus, you can now go-ahead to set those SMART GOALS with your necessary timelines. I wish you good luck.

Have you set your new year goals? Do you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments below.



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