Ibadan to Lagos Nigeria New Train. All you need to know (Travel Diaries)

Nigeria has been known for a lot of things over the years, one thing it hasn’t been know for however is an effective Rail way transportation system.

Over the years the Nigerian rail system has deteriorated due to mismanagement, this has had a considerable affect on tourism as foreigners who visit from other countries are shocked to find out about the poor rail system.

However , in recent times, but not anymore, the new railway and trains transporting Nigerians from Lagos to Ibadan, Abeokuta and Abuja to Kaduna is here to change this norm a bit and we are here for all of it.

I decided to check out this train and experience the rail system for myself as a first-time train user and here is my very detailed honest review

In conclusion, while I believe we still have a long way to go with this rail transportation system, however, it is a welcome change.

Where do you live and do you have an active rail way system?



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