Issa Vibe…

Hello lovelies,

Disclaimer: if you are reading this you have seen another awesome week and I am so happy you did! 😁

Today on Monday, Lifestyle and Motivation I will be talking on vibes. I know this word is so social media but for those that do not not know:

Vibe: An atmosphere or aura felt to belong to a person, place or thing; to relax and enjoy one’s self.

Growing up I learnt to trust my “vibe” when I got to a new place or met new people I instantly know in my spirit when I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Some call it your instincts that’s also accurate. I have relied on my vibe so much that the moment I meet new persons if I vibe with them we instantly become friends.

And if we dont I found out after a while that we weren’t compartible in many senses. My vibe tells me when to be comfortable in a place or with Person and when not to. I have met a few individuals that I personally don’t vibe with because my instincts tell me automatically to be weary of them at first I feel bad because I didn’t know why I felt negative energy from them but in few weeks or months I notice why I never vibed with them to begin with some I still have to interact with despite my reservations professionally and otherwise.

There are many dangerous people out there in disguise so you have to be alert as to who you associate with, the world isn’t all rainbows and Sunshine’s I wish it was but it isn’t so when you meet someone and you are getting really nagetive vibes from them be careful sometimes it may be your brain being hyper active sometimes its your spirit recognizing and rejecting theirs it happens.

There are some adverse effects on trusting just your instincts 100% how? Sometimes you may be wrong! Your brain collide your instincts mess some things up happens rarely . Like I could be at the right place at the right time but my brain questions me “how are you a hundred percent sure this is where you should be?” then I start doubting my decision. Honestly that confuses me but I have learnt to curb my senses and trust my vibes 70% of the time and use my brain 30%

My basic message today is trust your vibes, your instincts rarely fail you. You will always know when you are happy being where you are, doing what you are do, being who you are or being with a particular person because at the end of the day you Own your feelings and you know your own happiness. No one can truly tell you when you are happy because it’s something that lies within our heart. Trust your instincts and use your head also (if this makes any sense). And be happy because only you can make you happy so trust your vibes and do what you love. Have a lovely week guys Love D.A💕


Ootd: Lace and Pants.

Hello lovelies,

Starting this beautiful ember month with Lacey tops and high waist pants. Firstly a little story time so some I had to attend a social function with my mum as her one woman entourage if you know what I mean, so I had to look well up to standard because my mum is so fashionable.IMG_20170806_090953.jpg

Back to Lace, I love lace I think its so sophisticated and what not 🙂 Anyways I’m the girl that loves lace, silk and linen I just love those articles of clothing so when I saw this lace top in my sister’s closet I just had to try it on and guess what it fit! My “Twinnie” as I call her let me wear it and it was so amazing. This blouse was not only Lacey it was clourful I don’t usually like wearing bright clothes but I liked how this one looked on me. IMG_20170806_091000.jpg

I paired it with my one of my black high waisted pants you all know I love pants, a black purse and my nude and black shoes. Keeping jewelry to a minimum an earring and a couple of bangles I pulled my braids back to not take the attention from my top. All that done off I went to a social gathering with my mum. IMG_20170806_091143.jpg

I think I totally nailed this easy classy look because when my sister saw the pictures from that day she was like “gurl you look so good you can keep that blouse” I couldn’t be happier.

What do you think yay or nay? Did I nail it? Share your thoughts also what is your favorite article of clothing and why? I will be looking forward to hear your opinions on this outfit. Till next time Love D.A💕

August Favs…

Hello lovelies,

So its a new month!!! (Doing my little dance) I am beyond estatic I can scream okay I already did lol.

August was an awesome month for me I hope it was for you also! Today  I am sharing my August Favs with you all so here are the top 5 things that happened in August

1. Driver here say what! So last month I shared I will be taking driving lessons and guess what I’m all done and a certified driver yassss (little dance) Screenshot_20170901-203919~2.png

2. 5000+ instafam Yes my instagram family expanded to 5000 plus and I am so happy to share content here and on Instagram my social media growth isn’t about the number but about the beautiful souls I connect with daily. You can join this family ( follow @deeawata) lets connect!IMG_20170827_012502_091

3. My WordPress family expanded: I celebrated my first 500likes on here and 50+ subscribers I can’t thank you enough I am so happy thanks for the likes and comments I have met so many awesome humans through their blogs and I am so happy for the opportunity  and I would love to connect more with all of you so if you want to shoot me a personal message on my email and we can connect more. Happy for these milestones.Screenshot_20170828-194203~2

4. My skin Yasss! Last month I shared a skin care product I am totally obsessing over and currently using PureTropix.Africa an all natural skin care brand you can check them out because my glow lately have been A+ IMG_20170819_092348_693

5. Peace of mind: although august was a busy month for me I have been so a peace with myself and I have God to thank for that because my level of focus and spiritual growth is higher and I’m all the better and Happier

6. Reconnecting: I reconnected with some old contacts and it made me realize how far I have come and how far I want to go. It also made me appreciate staying on the right path against all odds because God always favours his kids and I happen to be one of his favs lol.

7. Music August have so far been my music month I have discovered so many turnt music some Nigerian and some foreign especially trap yes I like the trending Cardi B’s song especially the Latin version.

That’s it for August its been good but unto the next September!! ( doing my dance again). I have new goals to set, new asses to kick and so many things to do. Time to execute plans and live I’ll definitely be sharing all on my Instagram and on here. So how was August and what do you have planned for September???? Till next time have a lovely new month and shine. Love D.A.

Spaghetti and Pirates…

Hello lovelies,

Unto my second food blog ever! So I ate a very delicious and inexpensive meal when I was out seeing movies with my sisters. We had a fun day at the mall ice cream, dress fitting and did I mention we saw Pirates of the Caribbean the last part.InShot_20170614_181309~2

Spaghetti: I loved this meal it was spicy, delicious and inexpensive hence I enjoyed every bit and the chicken was crusty absolutely loved itIMG_20170613_163628.jpg

Priates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was super thrilling  Jack sparrow as always brought the humor and the storylinehad suspense and action no spoiler here but I was at the edge of my seat through out the movie. Little confession I am one of those annoying people that shout, laugh and predict through out the movie like my friends always complain but I was so happy I went with my sisters because we laughed and predicted together it was super fun.

Dress Fitting and ice cream: I love dress fitting and changing into different outfits in changing rooms actually I love everything about shopping so it was super fun especially doing it with my sisters!


It’s weekend soon and you may deciding what to do, well you can see a movie and “pop” popcorn and just have a super chilled time like we did. So what are your weekend plans???? Love D.A💕


Hello lovelies,

Last week I finished my three part mini seriesthanks for the views likes and comments.

Today I will just be saying few things on dwelling on past events and how it can ultimately affect you. Oh well I didn’t want to post this up but I have seen so much “saltiness” over the weekend and I thought I should address it for whoever cares to listen. We all go through a lot, anger, rejection, sadness, betrayals, heartbreaks etc. We may be hurt by people close to us  and feel down like why me? I’m good loyal I shouldn’t be treated that way. Yes I understand it happens and it hurs alot, now rather than move on some hold on to this grudge, this hurt and pain which will ultimately rob you of happiness and whenever you see that individual(s) that caused you so much hurt happy you get angry. Why? Because you are dwelling.

By dwelling on your hurt, you hurt yourself you tell yourself you don’t deserve better, you don’t deserve to move on and find peace. Well you do. You deserve to forgive and move on. You deserve to breath without pent up anger. Trust me I know I used to feel so angry because of betrayals and what not but I realized that while the preperators of my pain where moving on and doing great things with their lives I was stuck in the dungeon I put myself the dungeon in my mind that was deeply wronged, and I put myself in that dugeon hoping one day they realize and they apologize and whenever I saw a picture of them on social media I will get so angry like how can they treat me like this and find happiness? such monsters! I remained in this dark dungeon for a period until I decided I can’t continue living like this so I started taking steps of riding myself of all that hurt. The truth is its easier to remain salty and angered than to forgive and move on, but step by step I started forgiving and letting go of all the hurt and betrayals and loving myself it was a process that right now I do not give a rat’s ass if they realized they hurt meand apologize I’m good!( like that the weekend song i’m good i’m good i’m great🎧🎤 lol)

I’m not saying forgive them hold hands and sing kumbaya if you can do that sincerely then that’s awesome. All I’m saying is create light within yourself by giving yourself heavy dozes of self love and soon and enough you won’t find yourself holding on to the hurt or people that hurt you. Soon enough you can let go and say oh well they did what they did and I hope they had their reasons. Focus on your happiness why? Because you are beautiful with a great soul and you deserve to show yourself and the whole world your happiness because thr earth infact the universe is all the better all the happier because you are happy and your happiness is not tied to a place, person or thing.

Your light will radiate so what they hurt and lost you their loss not yours, so what they never apologized you are good aren’t you? Guess what! Even if you don’t believe this you will meet so many awesome individuals that will be drawn to your self love and happiness and you will make magic! So don’t loose hope, don’t lock yourself in a dark dungeon of self pity, don’t post deadass memes on social media hoping they realize how much they hurt you, don’t dwell on hurt caused by others don’t give them that power over you. Focus you because You are better, you are stronger and you’re Good.

Till next time I am Magic so are you Love D.A💕

Exploring African Artists’ Foundation…

Hello Lovelies,
A few months back I was at the African Artists foundation and here is my take.
The African Artist Foundation was established in 2007 a non profit organization with the aim of preserving African Art and encourage the highest standard of art in Africa.IMG_20170429_151053.jpg It serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity.IMG_20170430_162553.jpgIMG_20170429_123323.jpg
The Artists’ Foundation is located at No. 3b Isiola Oyekan closeOff Adeleke Adedoyin StreetOff Kofo Abayomi StreetVictoria Island, Lagos and is open Monday – Friday: 10:00 to 17:00, Saturday: 12:00 to 16:00 closed on Sunday.IMG_20170429_123447.jpgIMG_20170429_123601.jpgIMG_20170429_123402.jpg
All up until now I didnt know we had such a place in Nigeria until I was opportuned to visit. The African Art Foundation promotes Art and Photography as I saw a lot of creatively snapped photographs, paintings and sculptures.IMG_20170430_160412.jpgIMG_20170430_160425.jpg
I was really impressed by the art and photography works they were both highly creative and cultural I took few pictures however I couldn’t take any photographs with the art because I am really shy to ask strangers to take photographs of me it was all in all a great experience and I don’t regret visiting alone, although next time I would love to visit with my sisters or friends and take lots of pictures :).IMG_20170430_163505~2.jpg
I have been struggling to get this post out glad I finally got around doing it share your thoughts on this post. Have you ever visited a place like this? If you have what was your experience like? If you haven’t will you like to? Don’t forget to like, comment and share.
Till next time. I remain me Love D.A💕

Purpose, Plan and Timing: Timing

Hello lovelies,

“Time is an illusion, timing is an art-Stefan Emunds”

Last week and the week before I talked the importance of deciding your purpose and the importance of  planning  today’s topic is timing.  So what is Timing? It is simply  the ability to select the right or precise moment for doing something for optimum effect. To begin with let me just say a plan without a timeline is a wish or a dream, a GOAL in my definition is a plan which is to be achieved within a specific time that’s what makes it achievable.

For example “I want to travel to Italy” that’s a wish but ” I want to travel to Italy in 2020″ now that’s a goal which is achievable why? because you have a timeline to work with which is 2020 hence you can work diligently to achieve this goal of yours.

It is not enough to decide your purpose or one of your purposes and device a plan to achieve it,  you have to give each plan a timeline so it comes alive. Ever noticed that you can plan and plan and never get anything done? Well I have, in the past I have made so many plans but I didn’t get any of them done so I started doing some research on how to effectively plan and execute those plans. I noticed that the one element I missed was timing. I never timed my plans. I never wrote down a timeline so I decided to start timing my plans (setting goals) and I noticed the difference when I began to gradually achieve my set goals one by one. Truthfully you may not achieve everything you planned at the end of your timeline but you would have made enough progress to estimate the remaining time that would be needed to achieve this goal.

Time waits for no man yes so effective timing is a skill you have to build over time ( irony), I believe that one of the first steps towards effective timing is making a detailed plan and estimating how long it would take to achieve this goals for yours when you set that timeline, you can start working diligently to achieve them. What I do which may or may not be helpful is that I decide in detail the steps I am supposed to take to achieve a purpose or a goal,I estimate how long it will take and I do something for extra drive to achieve my goal I shorten my timeline by a month or two why because I know if am an racing to achieve something great within a limited period of time I won’t get tired amor bored that drives me.

What gives you the drive to smash your goals? I hope you enjoyed this three part series. Kindly share your thoughts on this topic and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Till next time Love D.A 

5+ Foods that have the ability to enhance your skin…

Hello lovelies,

On beauty today I will be giving you 5+ foods that help in imporving skin giving it that healthy glow. We all know beauty starts from within that also applies to the health of your skin.

You must have heard the phrase you are what you eat, naturally what we intake affects the outward appearance of our skin. That’s just the way it works eat healthy have healthy skin. That is why I am sharing foods that help achevie this healthy skin.

So let’s get to it, below are some foods that will be great for your skin:

*Olive Oil: believe it or not olive oil contains anti ageing. Olive oil beat out the other oils sunflower and peanut. About 75% of the fat in olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids, play a role in the youth boost. The antioxidant polyphenols in olive oil could also quench damaging free radicals.

*Tomatoes: The antioxidant lycopene improves skin’s natural SPF and we all know that improves the skin.

*Dark Chocolate: yes these yummy bits help improve your skin. It contains antioxidants properties which help hydrate your skin and improve blood circulation. Sticking to a 1-ounce portion, or 150 calories reap good skin benefits without the weight gain.and who doesn’t want that? Great skin without the baggage of weight gain. Add natural sweetness and fruit instead of added sugar which can be fattening.

*Oatmeal: I love oatmeal I could eat it all day. every day and guess what? It’s great for your skin!

*Green Tea: Some studies prove that green tea increases skin elasticity, smoothness, boost blood flow and oxygen.

*Water and Red wine: yes your favorite liquids (may not be yours but are definitely mine) help improve the skin. Red wine is a top source of resveratrol, an antioxidant compound with anti-tumor properties and we all know water hydrates the skin which is ultimately great for the skin.

Other foods that improve the health of your skin include walnuts, rosemary,eggs, soy, oyserts,coffee, water, kale, and so on. And from personal experience I know eating lots of fruits and greens and drinking lots of water helps to increase the appearance of the skin.

I hope you enjoyed these few tips I have given, these are based on personal research and experience so you can try them out if you like and tell me Till next time I remain me. Love D.A

Purpose, Plan and Timing: Plan (part II)

Hello Lovelies, today on the three part series  Purpose, Plan and Timing our focused is Plan.

Most times you hear “What’s the plan?”, “I plan to”, ” it wasn’t part of my plan” so the word PLAN isn’t new to us.

When I was younger and up till date my dad usually says to us ” If you fail to Plan you plan to fail”. I grew up on this quote. I knew for anything to happen a plan should be put in place. So what is a Plan or what do you mean by laying down a Plan?

Simply up a plan is a set of actions laid down or marked out with the intention of achieving a Goal. Obviously the process of setting out or marking out these actions will be Planning.

We have so much we want out of life, so much we want to do, buy and experience and we obviously can’t do them all at once so the essence of planning set in. For example I may want 5 things pay my tuition, buy new clothes, get myself a new laptop, buy a digital camera and go to Italy; now those may be the 5 things that when I think what do I want those pop up in my head but I obviously cannot do them all at once although I really want them all but I don’t know how to go about achieving all things. This is where the ability of planning set in firstly I have to make a priority list which will tell me the things I can delay and the things I cannot delay because  let’s say I go to Italy I will have a time of my life but I may not have enough to pay for tuition. Everyone’s plan is unique and different why? Because we have different paths in life. Now I decide to pioritise and make paying for tuition, buying a new laptop first and buying a camera, going to Italy and buying new clothes later.

Your plan must work with your purpose. So if my purpose or goal is to be a traveling academia then the academic part has to be settled first that is why I will pay my tuition but I won’t negelect my  traveler part so therefore during my academic year I will set up a fund where I can gradually save towards buying that camera and going to Italy.  Plans change our goals can change so our plans will also change with purpose. You cannot use an old plan for a new purpose. So using that example and I decide going to Italy is more important that school, I can deferr the school year and travel to Italy. Also if I decide with a valid point that being a photographer trumps all school, clothes, laptop and clothes my plan will change I will have new priorities like buying a camera, taking photography classes or and institute for photographers, getting a mentor and so on. Our plans should always be purpose oriented it should always be in line with our end goal which is our PURPOSE.

Till next time lovelies I remain ever planing and replaning Love D.A💕

When in doubt (black and camo) Brunch Date with Paula…

Hello lovelies, today still on my causal day outfits, I will be talking on how I mixed the bandana fashion comback with my own all black laid back under the weather fashion. That’s a mouthful I know I love stringing words together :). First off, I didn’t plan on wearing this outfit I woke up feeling a little under the weather and I couldn’t cancel my shopping and brunch plans with my best girl Paulz (@__zenny all pictures of me photographed by her), I just had to quickly throw something on and go out on the town lol.InShot_20170702_000316.jpg

The outfit I previously had in mind was less causual more fun but I opted for my super comfy black pants, camisole and black sweater. InShot_20170702_000400.jpg

I was too tired to pack my braids( if you ever carried braids you will understand the struggle) so I let them down and tied them in place with my camo bandana (one of my favorite fashion staples right now you will definitely be seeing more of it), minimal jewelry as usual and my archoke chain bag. The day was fun we did a little shopping ate at a very nice place and I was glad I opted for a more comfortable look, I felt cute and relaxed took pictures and had the best icecream.InShot_20170701_225831.jpgInShot_20170701_225817.jpg

Have you ever had the get your butt out of bed and dress up? What’s your go to comfy just got out of bed look? Hope you enjoyed this short post, I will be bringing more on my fashion choices and back stories. Do have a lovely weekend.InShot_20170702_000222.jpg

Till next time I remain making clothing decisions to suit my mood. Love D.A💕

Purpose, Plan and Timing: Purpose.

Hello lovelies, today I will be starting a three part mini series Purpose, Plan and Timing. Firstly I will focused on Purpose.#142 Quote

So what is Purpose? It’s a word we all have used and we all know but what is Purpose? Purpose is an object to be reached, a goal, an aim or a target. Do you know your overall purpose in Life? Do you know your aim? Do you have a target? Do you know who you are supposed to be? These are valid questions we should all ask ourselves.

Although we are all on the path of self discovery we ought to ask ourselves what is my purpose? Why am I on this earth? What is my target? My aim what am I supposed to do is there a reason I am alive. Having an end goal or target that drives us gives our lives meaning its what makes us get up every morning. Only when we discover our purpose only then we start living.

Stop existing start living a life with a purpose. Till next time I keep on the path of self discovery Love D.A💕


Casual in Denim…

Hi lovelies,

Today on fashion I’ll be talking about casual easy to wear denim on denim look. If you have been following my posts you will know I love casual easy to wear pieces.

Initially I was going to wear just this white top I got from new look on the denim skinny jeans but it was a chilly day so I added the Denim Jacket.InShot_20170615_093233

I didn’t just throw any Denim jacket on what I did was I worked with the shades of denim my skinny jeans are a darker shade so I went with a matching shade of Blue Denim jacket, the white innner top was a much needed break between colors that caused an overall blend so it wasn’t all matchy matchy.InShot_20170619_161537

For shoes I chose my addidas running shoes I love sports shoes, they are easy and comfy and also make great fashion statement shoes.

Accessories I chose a nice brown chain bag and loop earrings. You can’t go wrong in loops hair and makeup was kept to the barest minimum.InShot_20170619_161554.jpg

This look is cool for days you don’t want to really dress up but you still want to look great!what are your thoughts on my look will you wear this? Kindly share with me. Hope your weekend is going great. Till next time Love D.A💕

Liebster Award!

Starting August on a fresh note and keeping my promise to Sammmy  ( I am posting this up now, sorry its coming lateScreenshot_20170803-120856

So the amazing Sammy ( nominated me for this award. Kindly check her blog and follow her posts are just amazing.

Here is my question and answer session.

1. How do you find ideas to post

There are so many things that pop into my head and so many things I want to share that gives me inspiration for my blog posts.

2. What is your favorite quote and by whom

I love quotes especially motivational quotes my favorite right now is FOCUS – Follow One Course of action Until Successful I don’t know who coined this quote though I wish I did.

3. What are the characteristics if a good blog post

I’m not the expert but in my opinion a good blog post should pass the adequate information to your audience.

4. What have you learnt from blogging

I have learnt so much especially that I can do anything an be anything if I give myself the chance to improve and work on myself. I also learnt that there is a whole other world out here full of creative and awesome people that I can relate with on another level, I didn’t know that before now I do.

5. When not blogging what do you do for fun

I go out see the world around me usually with a camera I love taking pictures. I also enjoy lots of reading.

6. Two random facts about you

* I love shoes too much is not enough with me

* I’m scared of dogs ( have the scars to justify my fear)

7. What is your ideal holiday? Where would like to travel?

Everywhere. Europe, Asia,all of Africa and the Island countries.

8. Do you have any Phobias if so what?

I’m working to overcome them so not really.

9.What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

I come off as a lot of things to lots of people you will have to really know me to know me

10. What’s the craziest most spotanoues thing you have ever done?

I didn’t really know a place once wasn’t familiar with the streets etc but I had an opportunity so I didn’t want to loose that opportunity because of unfamiliarity of the place so I went and I ended up not only knowing the place getting my opportunity I made long lasting accquitances.


11. Would you say you are an optimist, persist or realist

I am a realistic optimist.

I nominate everyone reading this yes you beautiful I nominate you for this award.

That’s all for today. I do hope you have the best ofvAugust till next time. I remain me. Love D.A.


Goodbye July…

Hello lovelies,

I was just sitting on my bed thinking how did this month fly so? Just the other day I was welcoming July with enthusiasm now I’m saying Goodbye *snobs* this month has been really cool for me. I have gotten so much blessings and learnt a few things.

Top 3 things I’m thankful for this July

1. My new followers: Thanks to all those who followed my blog and gave good feedbacks, I really appreciate it. Slowly and smoothly we are all growing thanks for being part of my growth. Also to the amazing Bloggers Kitty and Sammy that norminated me for two blogger awards I am so happy and grateful to you girls you rock!

2. My first Flatlay: yaay this was the month I photographed my first official flatlay and I shared it on Instargam (@destiny_Awata) I have many more coming.

3. My first Product Review and Food blog: I did my first product and food blog this month never saw myself as a food or beauty blogger guess I learn new things about myself everyday.

I have loved the month of July and i’m full of thanks and ready to move onto the next month August! See you in August Love D.A💕

Skincare: Pure Tropix.Africa (Product Review)

Hello lovelies, Today on beauty and skincare I want to talk about a brand that I am totally obsessing about Pure Tropix.Africa.InShot_20170726_210848.jpg

It is an all nautral skin care brand that has a range of products that norish the skin and makes it glow. The ingredients used in production include Shea butter, avocado oil,Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Wild Carrot oil, Watermelon seed Oil,Aloe butter, and Ostrich oil and many other natural ingredients.Screenshot_20170718-100320.png

Sometime last year I saw their Instagram page and I was like wow the customer testimonials were what caught my attention two of their products the scar and blemish cream for lightning of scars and evening out blemishes and the ingrown hair prevention stood out based on their fast results. If you know me you will know I am big on natural skin care products without addictives or artifical substances so I just had to try them out myself.InShot_20170726_211055.jpg

The Scar and blemish cream has been doing wonders for my skin I noticed my skin getting clearer in barely a few weeks of used I have been seeing results. The ingrown hair prevention is good for razor bums and so on it clears the skin living a clearer and smoother area.Since my trial I have decided to stick with this skin care product and see where it leads.InShot_20170724_170052.jpg

I will definitely try more of their products and give reviews are the months go by. You can check them out on Instagram @PureTropix.Africa and shop on their online store at http://www.Pure tropix

Have you ever used this product? If you have what was your experience? If you haven’t would you like to try it? Or do you have your own alternative skin care products.

Till next time I remain melanated and glowy☀ Love D.A.

Versatile Bloggers Award…

Hi Lovelies,
Starting this new week on a high note I was nominated for the Versatile Bloggers Award by the amazing Kitty at Yaay thanks girl for the nomination. I feel so honored you all should Kindly check out her blog and give her some much deserved love *wink*

Onto the rules of this award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link ^ done!
2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award, provide links to their blogs, and inform them about the nomination
3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know


Seven (7) facts you may not know about me.
1. I’m Nigerian and come from a family of 7. I love my family andkeep a close unit of friends who I love.
2. I’m studying accounting 3 years in, final year to go, can’t wait to be done with college!
3. I love traveling (okay you may already know this) but one of my biggest goals is to travel and see the world. I don’t look it but I’m big on adventure trying new things etc.
4. I am a lover of God. I believe, trust in him and love him.
5. I have struggled with mild stages of depression before (wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this but I’m being honest). I was so scared of starting a blog but I’m glad I did.
6. I listen to a lot of trap and drill music ( if you know you know) lol. And I don’t believe in love at first sight. I keep to myself a lot to avoid conflict with others but that makes me come off proud and unsociable but you find out the opposite when you get to know me.
7. Finally, I have been through so much that I realized self love is the greatest kind of love after the unconditional love of Christ. I have learnt to accept me for who I am and each day I’m learning developing and staying true to myself. And did I mention I design clothes? Lol
I nominate the following awesome bloggers.
Have a lovely week loves💕

Outdoors in my Embroidered Flared Sleeved Crop Blouse…

Hi there lovelies, last time on the fashion fort I told you I love comfy yet chic fashion pieces today still on my comfy chic look, I’m sharing this crop blouse (thrifted) that I absolutely love.
This blue crop blouse with flared sleeves and embroidery white and green pattern is one of my most recent thrift finds.IMG_20170430_102126.jpg

I got it for a giveaway price which I was obviously ecstatic about. For my first look I paired it with my favorite pants right now this open leg black pants (I have so many looks with these black pants), a nice white sandals and a blue MK bag. I  love the texture and the fit of these on me.IMG_20170430_102150.jpg

The nice fabric, embroidery pattern and Flared sleeves was what sold me on this blouse, the crop takes it from loose chic  to a little naughty and stylish which I really like. I can’t wait to pair this blouse with so many other fashion pieces of mine!IMG_20170430_102146.jpg
I think I nailed the comfy yet chic look. What are your thoughts? Do you like it? Should I do something differently next time?
Till next time I remain chic and comfy Love D.A

TGIF: Fries before Guys…

Hey there lovelies its Friday, so I thought why not venture into food blogging I mean I eat out a lot why not blog about food!
I’m super excited can you tell? Some years back being a foodie seemed like a “crime” especially for females. I mean in high school I knew girls that where bulimic because of the fear of adding weight but thank God for this new age where expressing yourself truly and honestly isn’t out of style so if you are a foodie own it. When I see lady food bloggers I’m like go girl Get It!

Am I a foodie maybe? lol I mean I love eating cakes, chicken, rice, veggies etc although I don’t cook much I love me a well cooked meal 🙂
When it comes to food I like being a bit adventurous trying new things everyday. I am not usually a fries person but that phrase was hella catchy so I had to use it whereas these fries are the type to put before anything Guys inclusive #sorrynotsorry 🙂InShot_20170523_051558.jpg




Myself and one of my besties Pauls found this amazing restaurant where we usually go to have a good meal and drink. It helps especially after a hectic school week and I became a chicken and fries girl after this plate it was so filling and tasty. Now I’m back home for the holidays and I miss this although I don’t miss school or the stress.
What are your favorite foods? Let me know.
Enjoy your weekend and be a bit adventurous. Love D.A.

Just Believe…

I have been down lately, spiritually and emotionally down. This usually happens when I set a goal and do not achieve it. Sometime ago an abide reader of my articles told me I write like a princess without a care in the world I smiled at that and  said in this gorry world one has to look upon the positive side to life or you will be consumed by sadness. Remembering how I encourage others to stay positive reminds me that I can’t loose to negativity. You have to believe you will be better and you will overcome.
Do you believe? Or do you need to see before you believe. Recently I was reacquitted with an old contact who I haven’t seen in tons of years and the one thing that struck me about the way he spoke of his life and the trials and tribulations he has passed through was the lack of belief I felt from him, he didn’t believe he could be better and  that things would change positively he welt on the negative so.much that he was consumed by anguish. 

We all go through trials peculiar to our lives and destinies and our goals seem futher and futher away and harder to achieve. It is difficult I know but to keep trying to keep telling ourselves yes we can! But we have to. Why? Because the moment we give up we have signed up for a life of torment and unhappiness and no on wants to live like that.

Positivity gives us Hope and hope gives us a future so whatever you are passing through right now it is only for a while you are strong, you are awesome beyond words, get up show up and do your best. Just believe and you will.

Please share positivity every day everywhere. Love D.A xx.

On the streets of Lagos with Canon (A review)

I have always had a profound love for photography. And I, being one to not pass up a good opportunity I explored street photography with Canon in April 2017.InShot_20170701_225329.jpg

I was one of the few people opportuned to attend the Canon Niphec Selphy Street Photography Workshop that held on the 29th and 30th of April 2017.InShot_20170629_153514.jpg

This event held at the African Artist Foundation. It was a two days event and here is my review.

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So one fateful day in March I was scrolling through my Instagram page(@destiny_awata) per usual and I saw a canon advertisement concerning street photography I was interested so I clicked the link which redirected me to the website where I applied to attend. I wasn’t sure if I would get accepted when I applied but I hoped I would.

I received an acceptance mail some weeks later and I was beyond excited to do this although I have never done street photography before.

Day 1: 29th, Apirl 2017


Day one was an experience. It was divided into two the class and practical. The class was where an expert  Street Photographer tutored us on tricks and tips involved in street photography. He taught use about lens and cameras and how it all works together he also taught us about angles and how they affect the image I learnt alot.

Right after our lecture we where given our own cameras for the day, a Canon EOS 650D which I am currently in-love with (birthday present suggestion) and after we got our cameras we were taken into the streets of Lagos for some practical. We had a theme “Protraying Lagos in a positive light” and we went to work.

Honestly, when people say street photography you think its taking random pictures on the streets yeah? So I thought also it goes way beyond that after my Day I had a new found love and respect for photographers especially street photographers.

We were divided into groups and each group had an instructor mine was a beautiful street photographer Nyanche who guided us.

InShot_20170701_230435.jpgStreet photography wasn’t as easy as I presumed it would. On the streets people weren’t all that receptive of us and our cameras, some even got agressive towards us.InShot_20170407_215904 I had a few experiences where someone attacked me because they thought I was a journalist taking their picture. I can’t go into details of the ordeal but they are very many violent people out there. If you are a Nigerian you can understand but if you are  a Lagosian you can relate 100%.InShot_20170407_215758

However, some people wanted their pictures taken and were receptive of us and those where the little wins that kept me going the few strangers that smiled to my camera and allowed me click away. All in all I had a wonderful experience.

Day 2: 30th April, 2017

InShot_20170701_230803Day 2 was the award ceremony when we were given our cerficates of participation and outstanding students where recognized and awarded according. I had a very nice experience it was indeed an informative adventure. InShot_20170701_225715.jpgMy only regret was that I didn’t take a flash drive along with me and my phone’s storage wasn’t big enough to take the pictures I took the pervious day so I left with just 4 printed photographs which I cherish. I will definitely venture further into  photography related a and keep you all posted.


The Canon Niphec Selphy Street Photography workshop holds every year so it is something to look forward to also Canon hosts lots of events in Africa and beyond so get involved!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Kindly like and share with friends till next time I remain picture perfect me💓

Simple tips in caring for your skin.

Hi guys, last time on beauty and skin care we talked about how important it is to know your skin type. I received a whole lot of positive feedback so today I will be giving simple tips in caring for those beautiful skin types.

Tip 1: Know thy Skin Type

This my dear a cannot be over emphasized knowing your skin type is the first step to knowing how to take care of it. If you don’t know your skin type yet well you are in luck go to my last post “Do you know your Skin?” And quickly read that before you continue with this post. Different skin types require different skin care routines, oily skin and dry skin cannot be cared for the same way so it is essential you identify your unique skin type. Also choose skin care products that are friendly to your skin type.

Tip 2: Identify your Fragile and risk areas.

There are some areas on our skin that is way more fragile than the others (eg eyes, lips) these areas have to be taken into special consideration when caring for your skin. Choose a special routine for eye makeup removal because it is way more fragile than the rest of your face skin. Also if the need be use a restorative cream for the lips and reply this cream often to protect your lips.

Tip 3: Cleanse and Exfoliate.

Basically when you cleanse you remove the dirt and makeup from your skin and exfoliating removes dead cells. Use a PH neutral makeup remover or one that is recommended for your skin type also have an exfoliation routine or treatment (PH neautral is recommended or any one more suitable for your skin type) and use this once or twice a week. Exfoliating your skin regularly is most essential.

Tip 4: Moisturizing and Hypoallergenic Makeup

It is important to have a moisturizer that keeps your skin’s PH (water) levels balanced and makeup formulated to meet the needs of all skin types even sensitive skin, this way you avoid reactions and irritations that is caused by makeup.

Also include products with solar filters they reduce harmful effects of the sun.

Tip 5: Avoid External Stress.

External stress affects the skin as much as wrong skin care products harm the skin so therefore make a conscious effort to reduce your stress levels, avoid pollution such as dust, smoke which can affect your skin negatively. Also don’t forget to cleanse your skin daily before you leave your house and after you get back home it helps remove the debris caused by pollutants.

These are a few general tips in taking care of your skin. I hope that this post have been super helpful. Like, share with friends and drop your comments.

Till next time I remain me💓…





Hey there July!

It’s a new month but not just any new month.  July!! Yaay. What’s so special about July you ask? Well let’s see it’s not only the 7th month of the year or the month that marks the beginning of the end of a year. I’m one of those people that believe once something is past it’s half it’s already ending. We all have had visions and set goals for 2017 and some people are achieving and kicking the ass of their goals but others are not doing so well.

Maybe you have kicked butt in some areas in your life but some other areas are lacking well have no fear FAM we all have been there, Me for example I’m currently there for the past 6 months I have done some good, achieved some things and also done some major damage all in working towards my set goals and ultimately my vision for 2017. So July is another chance for me, a month where I can set new goals and formulate new strategies to achieving them and you can too. I know I would just after I finish eating the bowl of cereal sitting on my bed right now.

Why am I so excited about July? It’s usually the month that marks holidays for me since when I could remember July have always meant Break time for me and I’m sure that’s the same for some of you. It’s good to take a break sometimes, unwind and do new things so I will try to make the most of this month (maybe finally perfect my driving skills fingers crossed).

So my lovelies you still have enough time to set some goals and kick their butts why because you are badasss☺

Thanks for all the feedback I have been getting from you guys viewing my blog. I love you all keep telling me what you love and your experiences and keep sharing and reposting 💕. Enjoy this new month to the fullest. 


Sometimes the only factor hindering our success and break throughs isn’t that we are lazy it’s our inability to dream big, our inability to see a bigger picture in our head.

Although most of us do not know this and most of us do, we are blessed with insight an ability to see beyond, given to us divinely so why do we not use it? We limit our vision hence limiting ourselves.

I read once on millionaire mentor that if your dreams don’t scare you then you aren’t doing it right, you aren’t dreaming big enough. Sometimes our environment tries to place us in a box by saying we are “over reaching” or we are “over ambitious” I say who are they to tell you how far you should reach? Or how ambitious you should be? As long as your ambitions are not boarded on the verge of crime then you’re good. Men die today due to their lack of vision men perish due to the limitations they allowed upon themselves.

The man that dreamt of flying vessels and made plans, the man that dreamt of electricity, the men that dreamt up social media platforms Facebook and the like are no different from you. The thing they probably did differently is they have BIG DREAMs I’m sure people doubted them, told them they were over reaching over ambitious but did they stop? No! They didn’t. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from, if you have a dream big enough to fill a house hold on to it, don’t loose it, build on it, stay with it, focus on it and believe in yourself and surely you will make head way. Do not be afraid of your big dreams the world needs more of you. Believe in yourself.

Take these thoughts and my best wishes as you go into another wonderful week. Don’t forget to share this post and keep living and dreaming. Until next time I remain Ever Dreaming me xxx💓.




Do you know your skin?

InShot_20170621_005513.jpgI have always been one of the fortunate ones when it comes to skin. I inherited an all natural glow from my parents and up until recently I never had to fuss over my skin. Why? Because I barely had skin problems such as acne, rashes, blackheads, pimples and so on. My skin healed quickly and skin outbreakes cleared within 2 days without applying any skin care products. Lucky me!

I didn’t even know the type of skin I owned and the adequate ways to care for it, this knowledge proved essential recently when I had to battle (the battle is still on going) skin reactions and various forms of skin outbreaks over the past few months.

Firstly what I did is research my skin type. Through this research I found out that there are various types of skin: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Sensitive skin and this skin types depend on water retention in the skin which affects its elasticity and how oily it is or how sensitive it is.

Normal Skin: I call this the close to perfect skin type, you barely have outbreaks or acne, your complexion is evened out and radiant and your skin isn’t overly sensitive if this sounds like you well you’re lucky congratulations.

Oily Skin: Oily skin has enlarged pores with a dull or shiny complexion, you are prone to acne, pimples, blemishes I call this the “You need a skin care routine skin” Don’t worry you are not alone.

Dry Skin: Dry skin is less eslastic, dull with mostly invisible pores, your skin is prone to redness, crake’s, itchiness, and could be really dry and scaly at times if this sounds like you well your have Dry skin friend.

Combination Skin: Just as it sounds combination skin is different skin types in one. Your skin may be dry in some areas, oily in others(nose, chin),  it could be normal but also dry. I call this the “confusionist” skin type. This skin type is prone to black heads due to its larger pores and a shiny complexion. If this sounds like you have no fear majority of people have this skin type myself inclusive (for now hopefully) Go combination!

Well these are all the skin types I encountered in my research. If you have additions or modifications to this post don’t be shy write out a comment or send me a personal message. And if you want a care routine post let me know also. I hope this post helps you in deciding your skin type. Till next time. I remain Combination skinned me. xxx💓.



“To live to truly live, we must be willing to Risk. to be Nothing in order to find everything. To LEAP before we look- Mandy Hale”

Before flight occurs a leap has to happen, a bird leaps into the skies before it flaps it’s wings and fly it takes a small jump or leap believing its wings will not fail. When you hear leap I’m sure your mind goes straight to jumping off stable grounds into the unknown. To leap is to jump into uncertainties trying to overcome or forge ahead but what happens next  after we leap Sink or swim? Fall or fly? These are the questions that plague our minds. To leap, take a chance, to grasp an opportunity we are presented with opportunities daily some leap towards them others hold back due to the fear of the unknown. Usually the leap is scarier that the flight why? To take a leap of faith is hoping for the best against all odds, making a decision and this may sometimes need a creative mind because this decision may lead to a brighter future or our doom. We ask ourselves all questions but one Will I regret not taking this opportunity in the future? Will I regret being too afraid to start something new? Being too scared of failure that I don’t do anything worthwhile with my life failing all the same in the end. The ability to recognize a great opportunity is in itself a blessing and the ability to leap forward is the first step to greatness. In my previous post I spoke of how we all are unique in our own ways and how the only person with the ability to hold you back is you. So what you fall or sink to your lowest level? Pick yourself up and try again. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back don’t self-sabotage yourself. Sink or Swim, fall or Fly you may sink and fall or you may swim in cool waters or enjoy the view from the top but these are only possible if you take that bold step to LEAP. Enjoy your week my dear readers.

Colours: Nike Art Gallery…

*currently listening to How long- Lionel Richie*

A review.

When you taste a bit of art and culture for the first time you always go back in search of that feeling and that was exactly what I did the Saturday I visited the famous Nike Art Gallery in Lagos. PicsArt_04-22-06.50.46~3.png

Of course I didn’t go experiencing alone I went alongside two of my favorite people Paula and Habeeb and they made my day all the more interesting.

For an adopted child of the city of Lagos, I’m not really conversant with the roads and the paths getting around could be problematic at times, so a little research went into making our visit a successful one. Sites were checked, calls made, people ”interviewed” and facts gathered before we embarked on this little interesting culture filled adventure. One of the sites I hold in high esteem is RoadPreppers ( because I got detailed road directions to my destination in no time and also an estimated cost of trip which was accurated and made navigating our way easy.PicsArt_04-23-12.22.12

IMG-20170422-WA0034We arrived our destination at about 12:30pm at the door we received a very wonderful welcome from Mrs. Nike herself.  She performed a mini singsong and welcome dance which goes “Ekabo” meaning welcome in the native  Yoruba language and we sang along.

May I add that she is an embodiment of beauty obviously a woman of strength talent and wisdom. I loved her adire tie dye outfit and her beaded earrings.IMG-20170422-WA0057We were met by a young lady who welcomed us and offered a tour, gave us the rules which were: No touching the artworks for obvious reasons and No direct photography of the artworks which bummed me because I had plans of taking lots of pictures.

With that we started our grand tour of the three storey building which is Nike Art Gallery.IMG-20170422-WA0021

I must say I went from wowed to wowed to beyond wowed.

There were series of artwork and although my hands itched to take photographs of the art I had to respect the rules and protect the artists.IMG-20170422-WA0057

However selfies were allowed so selfies were taken, different kinds of art works of different shapes and sizes, from series of paintings, to paintings made of beads, to paintings that draw you in, to paintings looking like black and white photography, to vintage-like paintings and paintings that emanated from the canvas looking as real and as alive as you and I, don’t get me started on the sculptures like I said before I went from wowed to wowed and at a point I was speechless starring in wonderment of the beauty of creativity that surrounded me.

From floor to floor we went and from painting to sculpture we saw it was an experience indeed. One of the highlights of my day was speaking to Mrs. Nike herself, she is a beautiful energetic and inspirational woman to be around we spoke about art, family, Nigeria. She also introduced us to some of the art collectors who usually visits her gallery from around the world.

I really enjoyed every second of my day at the art gallery and I will definitely visit it again you should too.

PS: entry to Nike Art Gallery is absolutely free so I encourage you to visit this wonderful place.IMG-20170422-WA0075

My  regrets of the day was that I wished I took more selfies!!! All in all I left Nike Art Gallery inspired and in a colourful mood. Have you ever visited Nike Art Gallery or any other art gallery in Lagos state? If yes, share your experiences!IMG-20170422-WA0011

Till Next time. I remain Me. xxx..

Uniquely 🔆 You

Most times we sell ourselves short. Why? because we are not aware of how unique we are as individuals, we are scared of standing alone and this is why we never stand out we blend into the groups and the crowds we place ourselves in to hide ourselves in the guise of making meaning to our lives. Why do we do this? because of fear.

Fear of uncertainty, fear of standing alone, fear of failure, fear of disappointment and so many other fears we formulate as excuses which inevitably restricts us from embarking on our uniquely designed life paths or journeys. So what if you’re a slow learner, slow and steady wins the race. So what if everyone laughs at you people always condemn what they cannot understand you are not to be understood you are to be loved. Do not tone down your uniqueness to fit in, we are not all made to fit into a perfect group, the LORD made us differently and uniquely in his multi talented, multi innovative image this is why some of us are the creatives and the innovators and others the implementors, we all have our roles to play and different lives to live.

So own whatever it is that makes you, You. Uniquely You.Always remember Just as our DNAs are beautifully uniquely formed you are unique in all ramifications so kick butt this Week. Blessed.

Till next Time. I remain Uniquely Me. xxx…

My Thrift Tales: New Obsession…

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I usually try to reflect my personality in my choice of clothing, I love looking good in the most simplistic and comfortable way as possible. I’m not the girl that kills herself to look “peng”.  Two things I’ve always loved minimalist clothing because of the simplicity and black because it is classy. Embedding these two (black and comfortability) into styling my pieces isn’t always easy. InShot_20170417_081314InShot_20170417_080152

Why? because not every piece of really comfortable clothing is “trendy”. Although I am a huge fan of 80’s inspired clothing articles this is 2017 and you hardly ever see eye catching comfortable fashion statement pieces in this era of criss cross and cut outs. This is why thrifting right now to me is the best way to find pieces that match my unique taste in clothes, the high end stores carry commercial fashion pieces ie. what is hot and trendy right now. So it is really difficult to find fashion pieces that meet my taste.InShot_20170417_080340

This is one of the reasons my heart totally melted when I saw this Fled pants which I’m totally obsessed with at the moment. InShot_20170417_080437.jpg

These pants thrifted have been one of my most amazing finds so far. It is two things I love comfy, and classy. The cotton is so soft against my skin and the “skirts” of the pants are so free and light with no constrictions whatsoever. I paired them with a matching camisole top (forever 21), a jean jacket and my reliable nude shoes for a sunday out and about slayage.

This is the first way I styled my fled pants and I will definitely be experimenting with is article of clothing in the near future and will definitely share it on the blog. Do you have an article of clothing that you can’t get over right now? Share your thoughts on how you think I should style this pants next time.9A639A7E-41E2-4DED-8762-74DDB50CA20FL0001.jpg

Till next time, I remain Me  xxx…






“The walls we put up to protect us from the world may be the walls that suffocate us. The walls we break down to let the world in may become the stones picked up and hauled at us to hurt us. Guard your secrets. Secure your heart but not from yourself”-DeeAwata.

We all have loved and we all have lost and we at one point in time decide to close our hearts to the hurt that comes with loss of love, hence we build up walls and we set unreasonable standards by which we start living by. Day in Day out we refuse our hearts the option of experiencing the beauty that is love and after a while we become stuck up due to the suffocation that happens within our souls and unhappiness and depression creeps up into our lives. Before we realise years have gone by, we don’t notice this because we live in a self created prison where the walls are too high to smell fresh fragrances of flowers and breathe in fresh air, but we are stuck living in a perpetual loveless darkness that we call our lives. The protective walls we put up become our suffocative doom and we are left in a hollow of nothingness void of emotions.

Break the walls around you before this becomes your reality, before you lose the beauty, before you loose the fresh air, before you live in perpetual depression. Yes you have been hurt and you may be hurt again. Although you deserve the happiness you dream to have, you deserve the freedom and the opportunities if your walls are so high up how will you see the opportunity, experience the freedom and feel the happiness? Guard yourself but not to the detriment of yourself..

Till next Time, I remain Me xxx…


Random and Unedited


Last month I ventured into portraits and a bit of fashion photography. I have always loved taking pictures and I put that extra effort to make sure the photograph stands out. Yes I am the friend that repositions your head to the light and angles the camera to get your good side just so that the picture comes out perfectly I just love it when I take a really cool picture and the person is satisfied.InShot_20170404_130812.jpg

My love for taking pictures grew this year and I wanted to explore some more with a professional camera. So therefore I picked up a Cannon camera and started practicing.

I call these pictures “Random” because I didn’t set up this particular shoot I just sort of ‘crash shot the models’ and Unedited because I love capturing things in their true essence (plus I haven’t mastered photoshop yet 🙈).IMG_0708.JPG Here are some of the pictures I took when I crashed the 9jacampustyle Next Top model shoot. The funny part of this whole story is that I wasn’t even supposed to be there, I only accompanied my friend who is a makeup artist (@tiahs_glam) to the venue so that I could assist her in photographing her models for the day.

IMG_0741 (2)

IMG_0211IMG_0728.JPGWhen I was on set with the makeup artists, models and photographers I felt  awkward not because I haven’t been in such a situation before but because I haven’t really snapped people in front of others in broad daylight before so I felt a bit scared but that faded away. And even when I received some negative comments from some about the fact that I was photographing the models some said “what are you doing with a camera? Do you even know how to handle it?” I didn’t let that discourage me.


Till next Time I remain Me xxx…

Apapa: An Adventure…


   *currently listening to Keane-somewhere only we know*

As a young adventurer I jump at an opportunity to experience something exciting and new. This was what I did the day I visited Apapa amusement park in Lagos, Nigeria for the first time.InstaShot_20160901_141902

On a random Saturday in August last year I decided to join the amusement band wagon (my crazy friends). It was quite a journey getting there from where I stay and through the Lagos madness, notwithstanding that fateful Saturday we made our way to the Apapa Amusement Park.

Walking into the amusement park was like stepping into a different country entirely. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I stood in awe staring buildings which looked like those that belonging in a Disney cartoon and at the same time reminded me of brown biscuits.

The park was big with buildings as far as your eyes can see, there was an event center, indoor game center which had a variety of fun games, a restaurant with an outdoor sitting area where you can eat and relax and the outdoor game center which was separated by a gate.  My buddies and I didn’t waste time getting our picture vibe on as we posed for various snapshots, I faithfully behind the camera “ultimate unprofessional photographer” and in front of the camera dancing.

After of the photo frenzy we proceeded to get our amusement park boarding pass which was a small card like an ATM  card worth about N4,000 (we bought extra credits for the rides). This card was used to pay for our individual gate fees and this is how we also paid for our numerous rides.

After paying at the gate to enter the outdoor game we proceeded to be amused. I know what you must be thinking aren’t we too old to be hanging out at an amusement park? Well the answer my dear friends is NO having fun never goes out of style. We hopped from one ride to another testing our adult strengths and fulfilling our childhood wishes.

We enjoyed go carting, the jack sparrow and many other rides, some rides were scary others not so scary and the best part of it was that the rides ranged from 700-300 naira. After the fun of the day we ate a nice meal which cost only a thousand five hundred per plate and we also took home pizza. It was an adventure worth writing about. I have to say it was indeed a fun filled ice cream, cotton candy and even rides filled day and I would definitely do it again.

InstaShot_20160901_022938~2                                                    Till next time I remain Me. xxx

From Plain to Pop: A Christmas Story…



How I styled my lbd i.e. little black dress up for my Christmas day Pop.

To a young woman such as myself who likes to stand out in everything she does basic just doesn’t cut it for me. So you can imagine the kind of situation I was in on Christmas morning 2016 when I realized I didn’t have a dress suitable enough to wear for the day. Let’s back up a little bit few days before, I gave my dress to my tailor Mama M who of course promised she would have it done in time for the 25th, but as the saying goes about Nigerian tailors being quiet the risk takers well cut long story short she didn’t have my outfit ready in time. InShot_20161225_125423.jpgThis outfit situation destabilized a sister you should have seen me on the 24th especially when my mom goes “I’m sure there’s an outfit you can wear somewhere in your wardrobe” man I was deflated! Why? well because I didn’t have any magic clothes suitable in my wardrobe, the clothes I had were ill fitted(happens when you are in school most part of the year), don’t get me started on my hair situation which was another issue on its own. My hair betrayed me!! Ladies can relate to this, I did a 90’s wash (wash and roll) which was really cute and curly when I left the saloon but to my dismay the curls didn’t survive the hours of shopping under Warri’s scorching sun so I had to comb out and air dry which ruined the hair.

What does a girl do in a situation like this? I looked through my wardrobe and found my LBD which was a lifesaver literally  but I still had one small problem my mum doesn’t usually like me wearing black so I was sure she would flip if I came out Christmas morning wearing a black dress like I wasn’t celebrating his birth but his death. I knew how to solve this problem accessories! A lil bing never hurt anybody.InShot_20170121_203335.jpg

Bright ideas came with a new day. I had to glam up my outfit and I had to do it fast, I searched through my wardrobes ( Mine and those of my sisters perks of having sisters lol). My finds were epic, few things caught my eyes some forgotten shoes, an Ankara material, a teal chain bag, gold bracelets and a statement earring I also found a belt and silver earrings and necklaces I later discarded

Sticking with the above pieces I went to work. The Ankara was made into a turban which hide my hair disaster edges where laid definitely, my earrings looked awesome so did the other accessories. When I was done with piecing this outfit together I felt well fulfilled I didn’t only take plain to pop I did so within record hour. It’s funny how the basic pieces come together for a little “slayage”.


A little imagination saves us lots of times when styling outfits plus the best outfits are the ones usually unplanned.


Have you ever had to whipped up an awesome outfit out of thin air share your stories. Until next time, I remain Me.


Till next time, I remain Me.

Just a girl…

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Growing up we hear people say this and that about being a female. How you should act, what you should do, how you should react, when you should speak, when not to speak, what kind of professional career to pursue and what to aspire to.

Most believe the highest level of achievement for a female is marriage and kids they also believe a girl’s place is beside a man serving and bearing children.

Some others believe in the supremacy of the feminine race, they believe females should do more, be more, know their worths and don’t let anyone bullshit them. Although I’m a fan of that I believe everything in life has to do with your choices and these choices should be based on facts of who you are as an individual.

I believe a girl just like anyone should be gifted the opportunity of choosing what kind of life she wants and what paths to pursue based on who she is and what she enjoys doing.

You may say “what does she know I am older so I know better”.  Well, no one is disputing your knowledge. You may be older and smarter and more experienced but you will never know someone better than they know themselves.So Instead of making assumptions ask her what she wants because you do not always know what’s best.

More often than not a girl is just trying to find her way in this world and in the wise words of Big Sean “everything ain’t for everybody”.InShot_20170506_171056

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