My first Red Carpet experience.

I have never been on the red carpet, talk more hosting one but on Friday December 17th, 2017 I hosted my very first red carpet and it was an experience. I am very camera shy not many know this, but I think I managed to overcome this when I took on the responsibility of hosting the red carpet at the unveiling of the Coca-Cola Sit out for Bells University. The Sit out is an innovative idea by Coca-Cola for my university in a bid to create a more conductive student learning environment for Bells University students. The construction of the sit out took less than 1 week as workers were tirelessly drilling bottles used to build the sitout. Yes, it is made of bottles how innovative and environmentally sustainable is that? I enjoyed watching the process of putting together this amazing sit out which is the first for students in Nigeria. Also, some students involved themselves fully in the building process alongside the builders. The sit out was unveiled with an event sponsored by Coca-Cola, and they gave away with lots of freebies which included food and drinks and bsckpacks. There was also music, dancing, performances from Artists, the red carpet interviews (by yours truly) and presentations of prizes won. The students of Bells university had alot of fun although I personally think the event would have been better and bigger if that wasn’t hosted on our official closing date for the year so some students werent present bevause they went home already,nevertheless it was nothing short of Amazing! I am still really grateful for the turn out of students especially on the red carpet. Hosting the red carpet has been one of my turning points in 2017, I never thought I would stand in front of so many people and conduct interviews without any prior training. I guess fear is really a thing of the mind and I will be taking this vibe into 2018 like I can do anything through God who gives me strength and glow. I look forward to involving myself in more of public appearances red carpets, speeches and so on. I am super grateful to Coca-Cola (@cocacola_ng) for the opportunity and the CEO Reevmack Concepts for trusting me I hope I didnt let you down and my awesome sisters and few friends I told, for words of encouragement. I love you all💋 I hope next year brings more opportunitiesand challenges to overcome. I couldnt believe my eyes when the pictures started rolling in, I surprised myself by taking on this challenge, this has indeed been a learni g experience. My outfit Usa Tee: Gifted Pant trousers: Thrifted Monster Snackback Fannypack: Thrifted Sandals: Thrifted Accesories: Loop earrings and bracelets (all thrifted) What challenges did you take on in 2017? Did you overcome them and how? Share your thoughts below. Have a wonderful festive celebration and my Christmas blog will be up soon. Love D.A♥


Conflict: When is it okay to walk away?

Happy December! I am always excited every new month. This month I am particularly happy because 2017 is coming to an end finally!! It is barely 20days left and I am so happy for a new year.

With the new year comes new goals and excitements but before that self evaluation is very important. And not just self evaluation also evaluation of the people around you and your relationships. Relationships are full of conflicting issues due to the differences in individual personalities and these misunderstandings can get so heated that you ask if it’s okay to just walk away from the relationship as a whole and when it’s the right time to do so.

Why would you walk away?

Conflicts they say make people come closer but not in every scenario. Sometimes conflicts are the reason people go apart. Haven’t you heard of divorces based on unresolved conflicts and you ask yourself if they loved themselves why on earth couldn’t they resolve their conflicts?

I had something recently happen to me that made me arrive at the conclusion that you may love someone from the depth of your heart but that doesn’t mean you should have them as active members in your life. Sometimes conflicts are unsolved and reoccuring because you are just too different and when the other person is an unwilling party in working on their attitude then the conflicts are bound to be reoccurring.

If you keep fighting and making up just to fight again on the same or similar issues doesn’t bring you together, it tears you apart.

Compromise and understanding are major tools for conflict resolution but sometimes compromise doesn’t mend relationships. The compromising party will feel less and deprived due to the sacrifices being made to keep the relationship going. At a point that party is going to revolt why? Because everyone wants to be treated well and share burdens with others. When this doesn’t happen, it will result to conflicts and disagreements all over again.

But does this mean we shouldn’t fight for our relationships and love?

Walking away doesn’t necessarily mean throwing your love away. A relationship that doesn’t make you happy or a love that only tears you down isn’t supposed to be encouraged anyways. If a particular friend only makes you feel bad about yourself then why would you be dragging that extra baggage.

One of the most difficult things to do is walk away from a friendship or a relationship but when your relationship with someone becomes toxic it eats into you happiness, the best remedy is to walk away.

Will you know when to walk away though? Easier said than done walking away from a relationship even if it is the most dysfunctional experience of your existence.

You know why you should probably put a pause to that relationship but you are too busy deluding yourself that the person will change. I am not saying they can’t change, change is constant in life and anything is possible but being in contact with the person while he/she is still “changing” is not a good idea. You have to protect yourself from the toxicity for the person until they finally change. Like I love you but I will stay way from you for my sanity and my peace of mind. This is necessary.

Think about you and make a decision that will benefit you. If need be pull the plug now, walk away before it’s too late.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Were you able to walk away or are you still deluding yourself? I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic. Please leave a comment and let’s discuss. Don’t forget to follow the blog. Till next time Love D.A♥.

#ootd: Black x Ankara (incorporating a statement ankara piece)

As an African I love everything cultural and print (it’s in my blood) but I do not have luck with tailors maybe because I am so picky and a perfectionist or maybe because I am a self acclaimed designer and stylist *wink*. Anyways I took tailoring classes so I know what a well made dress is supposed to look like and what it isn’t supposed to look like. Over time I have had several tailors or dressmakers, don’t get me started on my tailor tales but I have honestly made and loosened a lot of clothes in the past and it’s not even funny.

Due to these “horrifcs” I put making Ankara dresses on pause until I can find a dressmaker I can trust or make them myself, but that can’t stop my love for Ankara pieces. Hence I found another way to wear them by incorporating cute Ankara pieces such as assessories into my outfits.

I wear a lot of black because I love the color but recently I have been trying new things like this Ankara tote bag from Afridite (A preorder from an upcoming African brand available soon).

I have been loving this statement Ankara piece for a while now because it is chic and spacious and goes with just about anything. This bag has been a lifesaver and has been one of my fav pieces so far. I incorporated it in my all back outfit for the extra pop and I conducted a little photo session with 3 phone cameras on a Sunday at school. Here are the photographs from my little experiment:

I am currently loving this Ankara piece and yes I carry it almost everywhere it is so easy to carry and so pretty to look at.

Outfit Details:

Pants and Off shoulder top

Nude shoes

Afridite Ankara Tote bag (preorder)

8th son Neck piece

Loops and bracelets

Watch gifted

Do you have a favorite Ankara piece? Do you like the Ankara print? What do you think of my outfit? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Hope you are having a lovely week. Remain blessed and beautiful. Love D.A♥

Food tales: Bibi’s Steak House

Few weeks ago, I spent some quality time with some of my close friends. We went out to dinner at a place called Bibi’s Grill House located at Maryland, Lagos to eat and catch up. We got to reconnect and share good times. Here are short notes of the experience but before the notes let me tell you all a short story. When we got to the mall we decided we wanted to eat so we obviously had to go upstairs. There was an escalator and guess who is terrified of escalators? Me! I was so scared that I couldn’t go upstairs on the escalator I had people looking at me and trust my friends to make a spectacle of the whole incident I had them giving me the motivational talk “Dee it’s easy, you can do it just hold my hand” really? Long story short I used the elevator fam and I was good. Maybe next time I will try the escalator because I really want to overcome this embarrassing fear.

Anyways that said there is the summary of my day at Bibi’s:

Friends: My friends are always fun to be around and we are a bit loud when we hang out. We were a party of 5 (4 ladies 1 guy) honestly we were supposed to be more but some persons didn’t make it unfortunately. How cute are my friends. Meet Pauls (the mackerel) , Inem, Idowu and Iyanu my loves. Bibis‘: Bibis’ Grill House was nice it was a ‘foodventure’ for me because I have never eaten there before although one of our friend’s Paula vouched for the restaurant. It is located upstairs at the Maryland mall and has an open space with tables and chairs Snapchat: oh yes I am back on Snapchat you can add me @dee_awata I took my time to drop a few pictures on Snapchat during the dinner ofcourse my friends where doing the same. Currently loving this filter.

Bloggerlife: now being a blogger is funny sometimes because I love taking pictures and documenting everything, so I wanted to capture our own table arrangement but there was a delay with my food and my friends had to wait for my food to arrive except Inem who kept taking out from her food but in all I know my friends are awesome! And when the food finally arrived I stood up to capture the food arrangement I had people looking at me but my friends just laughed this off because they understand the bloggerlife. Food: My friends ordered different meals one ordered the Shawama, two ordered the chicken and chips, another the grilled fish and potato chips, I was torn between ordering the spaghetti and meatballs and the chicken and smoked plantain chips. I finally ordered grilled chicken with side dish of smoked plantain, which came with a special sauce mixture of spicy and peppery side sauces. I loved the sauce, the plantains looked good and tasted better, the chicken however wasn’t up to my grilled chicken standards but let’s be honest here I have pretty high standards. Our whole meal cost about N8000 or N10000 inclusive of drinks which is really affordable for Uni students who want to have a taste of fantasy food. We took pictures, enjoyed a meal and had awesome conversation. We didn’t want to leave after the meal but we had to. I am giving Bibis’ Steak House a grade B for food and an extra + making it B+ because their service was fairly good and our waiter was hilarious. Hope you had a fun weekend and if you are in Lagos this coming weekend try Bibis’ smoked plantains and grilled chicken or the Mackerel you would love it. Love D.A ♥

#ootd: 5 tips on how to style mom jeans (featuring my birthday outfit)

The Mom Jean trend has been a hit 2017. This piece of clothing which used to be very unfashionable has taken a twist and “not-moms” such as myself and a lot of other fashion icons, celebrities and bloggers have been loving and wearing this. Although so many people love this trend not many know how to pull it off adequately.

So today I will be sharing my 5 Tips to pulling off the mom jean look:

Tip 1: Choose the right size. For me I choosing the right size is everything! choose a size that compliments your figure adequately. I chose a size which was just a bit bigger than my normal size because I wanted the jeans is to be free but not completely baggy. The fit has to be visible and yes it is supposed to make your arrière look nice (wink).

Tip 2: Your waist should be clearly defined. Sometimes the mom jean may be free at the waist because well if we are being honest it’s challenging finding a perfect fit. This was the case with mine so what I did  was I secured that with a belt to ensure my waist is accentuated.

Tip 3: Roll your jeans up to show your ankles this is also an excuse to showcase your shoes. Yassssss hunny!

Tip 4: Pair it with a neutral Color such as white and I also love basic earth tones. So I paired my mom jeans with white this time, you can also try gray, black, browns and also white or go daring and wear something patterned or floral.

Tip 5: Accessorize!! I love accessories and accessorizing your outfit gives it the much needed pop and takes it from basic to trendy.

Bonus tip: Enjoy wearing your comfy pair of jeans. A comfortable pairs of jeans make me happy and  I am sure it will make you happy too. They also look great in pictures! So drag a friend out or stop a stranger on the way to take some photographs. Know what it feels like to be an Instagram influencer or fashion blogger or model while you strut in front of the camera. Just have fun.

So that’s some of my tips on how to rock the mom jeans. I wore it on my birthday because I had classes that day and I needed something that would be both comfy and classy. Here are some pictures of the full outfit:

Mom jean: westport (thrifted)

Bag: Italian Genuine leather (got it from my mom)

Sandals: Thrifted

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Belt: Mrp

Accessories: Gifted (sisters and best friends)

I will definitely be incorporating the mom jeans in my daily choices and styling them in different ways here on the blog. What do you think of this outfit Yay or Nay? What do you like? Hate? Or will change?

Let me go first, if I could change anything on this outfit I will wear a different camisole preferably a white camisole (I couldn’t find mine in the rush that morning) so what are yours? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Till next time Love D.A♥

Your Money: Let’s talk Money.

The book Smart money woman has been on my reading list for a long time now. I am currently reading it and it has inspired a new series called “Your Money” which will be posted every Friday on the blog under Finance.

It’s your money now let’s talk about it. I am making your money issues mine by talking to you about what? Your money!

Why did I choose Friday? Majority of people spend way more money than necessary during the weekends. Especially in Nigeria where everyone who hates their job or school want to live it up during the weekend. Everyone is guilty of the TGIF feeling which makes you want to splurge now and regret later. I mean why not? Yolo! you actually only live once pop on Friday regret on Monday kind of lifestyle is very common.

Most persons especially millenials “over-spend” due to this lifestyle and in the course of this series we will be dealing with why you should cultivate a good spending habit over the next few weeks. I know a thing or two about money about finance being an accounting major in the university and all so yes you can trust my opinions on the subject matter to an extent (wink).

If you are reading this today and you’re on your way to your weekend spot then I want you to quickly ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Have you paid your utility bills for this month?
  2. Do you have enough food to last you till the end of November?
  3. Do you really need to go out today? I mean do you really need to?

If your answers have been Yes all through then enjoy your Friday outing but don’t overspend. But if your answers have been No or Yes No’s then my candid advice will be to turn the car around or take the next bus, cab or train(if available in your country) to your home. Dont get me wrong i know how stressed you must feel but there’s a better way to deal. You can stop by the store and get yourself ice cream or wine or a bottle of vodka or anything that tickles your fantasy but just one item. Go home enjoy that, see a movie or catch up on your series or music and enjoy a chilled (more prudent) Friday and weekend. This way you can live it up a little without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to comment your thoughts on this new series. I really hope you like it and can learn one or two things from this (fingers crossed).


On that note have a great weekend. Love D.A♥.

My Thrift tales: Back to school Haul (long overdue)

Remember the back to school shopping rush when you know you’re resuming a new school year and you go shopping (for everything).

When i am out shopping there is always the fight of needs against desire. What I need as against what looks so good I want to buy. If it was me of a few years ago desires would always win but a month ago when I was out shopping for Uni, essentials won over desires because I am getting smart with my money and these are a few items I purchased.


I am not really big on beauty products and makeup buying but in my bid to be more girly and try new things I purchased a few drug store beauty products. I made sure to stick with natural brands because of the sensitivity of my skin. Here is my list of items I ended up with:

1. The kiss beauty Green Tea powder: well my friend recommended this powder to me and since I trust her opinion and it was a more natural product than the others I have purchased in the past it was really good.

2. Davis Colour 18 brow pencils: my sister loves this brow pencils and now I know why they are really smooth and inexpensive. I purchased one for about N200 or so.

3. Aloe Vera Lip Balm ‘aloe lips’: this product is so nice on my lips smooth and refreshing

4. Also Vera Deodorant: I am not a fan of stick deodorants but this one is really nice, prevents bumps also and keeps my sensitive pits fresh

5. Lippies: lipsticks and lip stains of some colors


In the aspect of fashion pieces well I didn’t buy so much because I really didn’t see things I liked but I purchased some really nice items also

1. White blouses: my Uni asked us to incorporate dressing corporate (office like) into our dress code so an obvious excuse to get myself more white blouses. And I rocked one of these white blouses on my birthday.

2. Jellies: now I have loved this sandals from afar for over a year but there was so much craze about it then that I hesitated buying, but when I saw this beauties at a shoe shop I couldn’t walk away like I knew i had to buy them. So I bought not one but two and both cost me about N4000 it think that is a fair price. Or not?

3. Hello Jeans: I bought the most comfortable pair of jeans, which I have been wearing and loving. This jeans fit like a glove and is so comfy for a skinny denim trousers. I also got a boyfriend jeans which I love but this pair was a bit pricey.

That’s all for my back to school haul. I will go thrifting again soonish, but in the meantime what do you think about this particular haul? Are there any pieces you like? Are your essential back to school pieces and your favorite drugstore beauty products? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend.

Till next time Love D.A♥

Skincare: Bath time! My current favorites.

Some weeks ago I was opportuned to be present at an event organized by The bloggers Advocates at Lagos “Pulse Blogger meets TBA Nigeria”. It was a very well organized event with lots of brands and bloggers present. I was one of the lucky bloggers to receive some products in my goody bag (you all know how I love goody bags). Anyways I received two Products From Tressbodorganics (@tresbodorganics) which is an all natural skincare brand the black soap and facial toner. So loving everything natural I was very happy and couldn’t wait to try them.

TressbodOrganics Black Soap and Toner Review: I don’t really have a specific soap I use, so trying this black soap was exciting. The smell is super organic I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it. It also has a soothing feel to it.

I have been using this for a over 3 weeks now. Alongside the facial toner and sunburn treatment which I haven’t used as regularly based on the fact that I always forget to because I’m so stressed out from classes that I want a bath and rest. The black soap is so cool to my skin it doesn’t only leave me clean but refreshed.

The soap is in paste form and I usually just scope it into my palm and foam you can clearly see roots and plants in the soap which I love. I usually massage it as all over my body in a small quantity, way before I start having my bath. The facial toner I use after bath (when I remember) it has a sting to it because it is Apple cider vinger based mixed with other natural agents. It leaves my face feeling fresh and oil free.

Semsey Chocolate soap Review:

I have also incorporated the Semsey chocolate soap in my bath routine especially when I have a little time on my hands on Fridays or Saturdays. I love this particular soap because it first of all smells like Chocolate! And I love everything chocolate. It latter’s well but I made a mistake with this product I didn’t keep it away from water so it got a bit soggy, once I noticed it I quickly separated it from water. It has a great feel to it and I definitely feel pampered when I use this product.

EwaAfrican Beauty Pink salt Bar:

The Ewa African Beauty Pink Salt bar is a natural salt bar coined from the himalayas and serves both as a natural deodorant and an exfoilator. It is cool to the skin almost too cold. It leaves a residue which drys up. For application I wet the little part I will be using in water and use the wet part on my skin afterwards I leave it to dry. I noticed it wasn’t like any other deodorant I have used before, funny enough I thought wouldn’t last long but it did to my surprise. For those persons that react to deodorants this is a great replacement and I highly doubt you will react to this because my sensitive skin didn’t react to it. So thumbs up to this product. That’s it for my bath time routine. I really enjoyed sharing this post.

What is your current bath time routine and your current bath washes? Until next time I remain bathing in awesomeness literally Love D.A♥

Standards: Why you should set high standards.

“Keep your heels high and your standards higher”

The above phrase has been one of my favorites for a while now because I strongly believe setting high standards for one’s self is imperative to one’s growth.

A standard is simply a level of quality, attainment or a measure used for comparison. In essence without standards you can’t measure your growth level. Setting standards for every aspect of your life work, food, friends, partners and the quality of relationships you sustain, not just standards but relatively high standards serve as a tool for the purpose of challenging yourself.

Having high standards most times make you feel socially awkward because not everything goes when it comes to you. From the way you react to situations, and the conversations you conduct, food you eat, relationships you allow or do not allow will automatically set you apart from the crowd and not everyone will understand you or your ways and accept them.

Over the years I have met many different people some I liked some not so much and over the years I have received a lot of comments “oh you’re too harsh” “oh you’re proud” and so on from diffrent people. I usually felt bad when I received such comments because I was just trying my best to live my own life not by anyone’s standards but by mine (which I set really high to be honest) but I did it for the purpose of challenging myself. I want so much more out of life so I set goals and high standards to guide me and my growth. However, fact that I didn’t see some things as necessary to my own life back then due to my personal highly set standards didn’t mean I was “proud” or “judgmental”, it only meant I had an idea of what I wanted and what I didn’t want, setting standards based on my goals and I knew it was okay to be odd because I had a goal to achieve and a growth process to undergo so I don’t mind being awkward sometimes .

Now if like me you are get comments that make you feel you should lower your standards to fit in. DON’T! Why? Here are a few reasons why you should set high standards for yourself:

* You have a better idea of who you are: we are all in the growth process but you have a vision of who you want to be in one, two, three years you automatically know there are some things you have to do and some bars to live up to.

* It challenges you: when you have a bar set up high it challenges you to work harder and involve yourself more in achieving your dream.

* Evaluation: you can always measure your growth level against the standards you set for yourself. Your standards will inform your decisions.

* Discipline: restrictions build discipline, you cannot set high standards and achieve your goals and stick to your plans without discipline. A lot has to be forfeited a lot of work has to be done.

Set standards for yourself standards that will push you to do more, live more, be more and teach your kids to set standards for themselves also, so they live their best life. Trust me it will be worth it maybe not now but in the long run. You do not have to go with everything everyone is doing and that’s okay. Standardize your life your relationships and trust me not everyone will meet this standard and that is equally okay. You need individuals relevant to your growth and also individuals you can grow with but not those that bring negativity and try to draw you back. Not everyone is supposed to be in your life and that is truth. As long as you are doing right by God and yourself you’re good.

Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to” – Greg Anderson

Something to take into November. I hope this post spoke to you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and like. Enjoy your weekend. Love D.A♥

October Favorites!

October is usually my favorite Month in the year may be because it is my birth month. October 2017 has been so awesome for me and I am sharing my 5+ favorites for the month as it is coming to an end:

1. Celebrating Milestones: some time in August I shared how I hit my first blog milestones on wordpress, this month I hit 100 plus subscribers/followers and my best day for likes happened this month also.

My heart is full of so much joy. I consider everyone of you that read my blog posts my family and I am so grateful for this little milestones♥. I also grew as a human and as a person.

I also recieved some constructive criticism on my blog and my writing in general. I am just trying to do better and write better. I would like to think I am growing as a blogger and writer.

2. Adventures: this was the month of adventure for me. Starting from the first day of the month I visited the Lekki Conservation Center (, followed by two “foodventures” I had and enjoyed coming on the blog soon. Adventures are about pushing your limits, I really did this month and enjoyed every bit of it.

3. TBA love: my blogger support group have been so supportive. Lol, I know that’s what a support group is about but I can’t even describe their input in my life lately it’s all love and good vibes

4. Collaborations: I collaborated with some brands and a Vlogger on some mini projects and I have been creating content for websites lately also. I can’t wait to share all these experiences and involve in more collaborations it has been so much fun.

5. New Age: I turned 22 on October 30th!

I am super grateful to God Almighty for his Grace upon my life so far. My birthday fell on a school day it was hectic not much fun but I got to hang out with my favorite people briefly. And take some pictures and eat some cake celebrating this new age.

so I can’t even express my joy in words let’s see what this new year has in store for me.

I know God’s got my back♥. With this new month and age I begin new adventures.

6. Life lately: life lately has been hectic, school hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I feel very unmotivated but I have realized I have to pick myself up and do whatever it is I am supposed to do.

But I am grateful for life, and the bond of love and friendship.

These have been my favorite experiences in october how was your October? Share your experiences with me.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Love D.A😎😎

Power Of Makeup: From Friends to Twins

I have this gorgeous friend Bolanle Olayinka (@princess.bolanle) we met in Uni and have been friends for over 3 years now, when I met her, I noticed she had a very artistic side coupled with an hilarious nature and a good spirit so we vibed instantly and I love her so much.

Over time this beautiful young lady and myself have created some magic together in the beauty and makeup aspect. I have watched her change careers, grow as a person and a makeup artist (self taught to pro) and now into sharing her work on a larger scale on YouTube as a Vlogger and I couldn’t be happier.

Over time I have been told I look like her and trust me everytime I get that compliment I get so happy literally because I cant get over her gorgeous she is.

Bola and I decided to Collaborate this weekend to create more magic putting out a vlog where she made me look like her.

We took so many pictures especially with our favorite Snapchat filters. The glow was 💥💣😎.

This was a really fun project, we had a great time creating these looks (our Snapchat stories can attest to that).

Here is how the look was created on her YouTube Channel click below: and Watch an hilarious video of us ( I talked and danced through most of it 😆) while she created this makeup look.

What do you think about this look, did we achieve our aim to look alike? Does this makeup suit me? Drop your comments below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to both our blog and vlog respectively.

Have you a lovely weekend and an awesome week ahead. Love D.A ♥

#ootd: How to slay the classic denim look for fashion week.

Hello lovelies, It’s Lagos Fashion week and I have been catching the fashion week fever. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend although I really wanted to but couldn’t because of school. However, fashion week got me thinking on what I could have worn if I was attending and my mind instantly went to the outfit I wore on my last year’s birthday *a classic denim look*. Last year on my birthday I struggled on what outfit to wear. One because it was my birthday and two because I was going to church on that day which would definitely be crowded just like day one of Lagos fashion week uaually seem to have be in the pictures. Taking all this into consideration I went for a comfy yet classic denim look consisting: a white blouse, denim trousers and brown platform sandals. I love white shirts almost as much as I love black an all black outfit. So picking out this white top was easy for me. This outfit turned out cute and pretty comfy I could even dance at church and take pictures all for long standing minutes and would have definitely suited the Lagos Fashion Week shows. I maybe would have changed the shoes to something more dramatic, done my hair differently and reaccessorize. Or just go for a much more daring denim look like style blogger Hafymo ( did here 6 How do you style your denims for events? Drop your comments, subscribe and like. Enjoy the rest of your week. Love D.A♥

My day at Lekki Conservation Center

Adventure called again and I answered this time I visited the Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) on Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria.

On the 1st of October my country turned 57! And in a bid to celebrate I joined the adventure bandwagon once again, this time with my Blogger network (@thebloggersadvocate) visting LCC and it was awesome!

The day started like any other day but with a bit more excitement from my part because I was exploring somewhere different and I couldn’t wait to start off.

The Lekki Conversation Center is a center for wildlife conservation it’s over 70 hectares of land preserving wildlife and nature. It is really beautiful with a great ambience, and there are lots of fun activities to do.

I knew alot of walking and hiking was going to happen that day so I dressed really comfy a comfortable jeans and blouse with a camisole incase it was too hot and I had to take off the blouse , a comfortable pair of sneakers my backpack to store all my essentials and sunnies to block out the sun rays, my phone, I forgot my mini camera but made do with my phone’s camera. My friend invited herself along to go adventuring ans she became my unofficial photographer for the day the more the merrier.

We arrived few hours behind schedule due to some unforseen circumstances but arrived the Conservation Center in good time got our tickets and got our selves ready for a good hike while awaiting for the rest our group stuck in traffic to arrive. Long story short we finally started our hike of LCC, we were the last persons to go on the hike for that day and the canopy walk. We first took a hike of the bush wooden pathway and later went on the canopy walk in maximum groups of 7 persons for safety purposes.

Now heights is one of my greatest fears in life. Before I started I stood starring at the 1st canopy like okay this isn’t so bad and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into that day until I did the first walk knowing I was going on a 401m Canopy Walk the next much higher than the last. I remember looking down and almost fainting I was scared shirtless and I wasn’t alone in my fear the other persons in my group of 7 where equally scared I actually had a very lovely lady in my group that was praying out loud and I honestly couldn’t blame her another lady wanted to go back but it was a one way Canopy walk and no turning back. I had thoughts of what if I fall? What if my phone falls? What if my friend falls because I promised her mum we weren’t doing anything so dangerous? But here we were climbing the longest Canopy walk in Africa over trees, crocodile and snake infested waters and swaying in the wind we had to grip and hold on tightly to the ropes. It was really scary trust me. We took little breaks between each canopy walk when we got to “level” ground for a bit before we continued our scarry walk to the end. But after the 3rd or 4th canopy walk I started getting used to the height and actually enjoying myself. So during our breaks we took pictures and just enjoyed the view. From up there the sky looked so beautiful clear and blue.

The walk ended finally but sadly came to an end just when I started enjoying the views.

Although the canopy walk was done with our adventure was hardly over we took a walk round the wooden pathway all the way back along the Bush paths and into an open space where we took more pictures and engaged in more games.nq My day and time at the Conservation Center was mind blowing literally I met new people (amazing bloggers such as Labake, Biba, Chika) and did things I never knew I could do and went home with a Goody bag.

It was awesome. Have I fully conquered my fear of heights? Well I don’t know about “fully” but I have taken major steps in conquering that phobia of mine. I hope you had an exhilarating weekend. And I wish you all and awesome week ahead. It’s Monday so kick some butts till next time Love D.A ♥

Cookie Skin Dermal Repair Review

Hi guys, Have you ever gotten a skin care product that you were skeptical using at first but it ended up obsessing over this happened to me with the Cookie Skin Dermal Repair Cream. I recieved this product as a part of my gift bag and to be completely honest the packaging is really nice but when I read the product name and saw “whitening cream” on it I was really skeptical using it. Why? Because I am anti-bleaching and yes I know “whitening” isn’t bleaching that didn’t stop my fear.wp-image-718973868

I had to do my research and I found out I was only being silly. The Cookie skin Dermal repair cream is not a bleaching cream it is a skin brightening and nourishing dermal repair cream. I have used this product for a total of one week and two days and I have already started seeing changes in my skin! I said previously that I have started another session at Uni and what’s usually synonymous with my skin whenever am at school is breakouts! Why? Because I have super sensitive skin that reacts to any and everything and this school year hasn’t been different until recently I started using the dermal repair. I rub it every morning although I am supposed to do so morning and night I usually forget at night (life of a student) but I have started seeing results already. wp-image--81901100My skin feels  looks better. The spots I got from previous breakouts seem to start fading and I am really excited about this. The Cookie skin Dermal repair is infused with ingredients such as milk and fruit acids as well as Konica and licorice root extracts, vitamins C and B be which are really good for the skin. I am happy about this product, I shall continue using it and updating my review based on the changes I see in my skin from time to time. To check out or order this product you can visit their website (UK US Eu)

What’s your current skin care obsession? I have shared mine can’t wait to hear yours don’t forget to leave a comment below. Until next time I continue trying new things Love D.A♥

Sexual Assault rampaging our society

Hello Lovelies, today seems like a good day for a rant so there it is because it pains my heart whenever I pick the newspaper and I see yet another news on sexual assault.

I have noticed a deadly trend of violation of boys, girls children and for crying out loud babies! I ask myself why? What is happening in our society today.

A Rape Culture. What is RAPE? Most of us act like it doesn’t exist but Rape is sexual assault, sexual violation and sexual abuse. It is forcing one’s sexual desires on others taking by force pleasure from another human and hurting them in the process.

What is RAPE culture? These are behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, slut shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence, or some combination of these attitudes. Put simply rape culture is giving excuses for sexual violenece and sadly this is so common today.

Some even claim they didnt know what they were doing I dont buy this because the moment he/she says no to your sexual advances and you force your way. You raped them! Meaning you are a Rapist, a molester and nothing excuses this act.

You have taken something you cannot give back, you have damaged something that cannot be fully repaired. When you rape you kill. You kill a soul, you crush a beautiful spirit under your untamed wicked desires and No there are no excuses.

Now so many people do not like talking or reading about this subject but let’s be real even if for some few minutes. We know it happens you cannot deny the facts which have been so vividly proven in every 10 to 20 people 1 or 2 have been through some sort of sexual abuse or the other.

It has happened to some of us sometimes more than once and these beautifully crushed souls are left with pain and stigma. Like why? Why on earth will someone be stigmatized based on something that happened to them something they didn’t ask for? How in the world is that fair? How in the world is that acceptable? I am wondering in pain as to how many people have suffered from sexual abuse for the years and the stigma they had to face once they spoke up. They become shameful, they hide, it takes years before they find the strength to share and heal and for years they blam themselves and not their molesters, some even try to take their lives because of the stigma.

The Bible says Man’s nature is desperately wicked but I never really understood the height of wickedness until I breached upon this subject. The fact that people are violated by others and some persons think it is “okay”, saying “she asked for it” or “how do boys even get raped?” “She condoned it” etc. makes me quiver as to what kind of world we live in right now. Children are being sexual assaulted daily children as young as babies of 4 months! That’s appalling.

Who protects these weak persons? The law? Which law the one that allows child marriages? The one that persecutes rape within a family with kid gloves? That law oh hell no!

Victims all over the world suffer from lack of justice. This is why the trend continues as some victim become rapists, killers, depressed because they lash out against the world that didn’t protect them from the perverts and it is more common than we think.

I recently was involved in a conversation in my blogger group and extensive conversations about this topic. There are alot of persons out there that need our support, our love, our acceptance. We need to tell them no you are not dirty, it’s not your fault you are golden and don’t let anyone crush that spirit of yours. Easier said than done I know, but a conscious effort needs to be made towards supporting victims, awareness isn’t enough we all need to be actively involved in protecting and healing these victims.

Have your ever been through this or do you know someone who has been through sexual abuse? Kindly share your thoughts as to ways of coping and what you generally think on this subject which unfortunately is the reality of people we know, people we love.

I will be talking more on real life issues and societial problems on the blog from time to time. Until next time dont forget to like and share Have a wonderfully blessed week. All my Love and support D.A♥.

Happiness in a bag

Goody Bag by D’Prince on replay

Hello lovelies, how are you beautiful people doing today? I Hope fine because I am doing great!

I recently hopped on an adventure bandwagon with my blogger network “The Bloggers advocate Nigeria” (@thebloggersadvocate) and I have so much fun!

If you have been active on the blog you will know by now how much I love to do fun things and this outing was ans I can only but thank the network for the opportunity my whole experience on this particular adventure will be up on my blog soon. So no spoilers.

During my hangout I recieved a beautiful Goody Bag as part of my adventure package! Honestly I didn’t know what to expect so immediately I was given the Goody bag I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures of the items.

So let’s dive in😎. First off how cute is this bag like when I saw it, I was like “I’m good if it’s just this bag I get” because it is too cute

The bag contained a few items:

Two pop corn packs: I can’t complain because I love popcorn! These two packs came from two amazing brands Go popcorn which was so yum @gopopcorn and irrestiblegourment @igourmentpopcorn

A packet of Chilli crackers from nibblie time

A pack of mixed nuts from CNC gourment @cncgourment

I also got two amazing skincare products from two amazing skincare brands, the cookie skin night cream and semsey chocolate soap which had so a nice fragrance.


I am over the moon with this goodies and I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you TBA for these amazing goodies.

I’ll be doing reviews on the skin care products soon so watch out! Till next time I will be trying out my products. Love D.A ♥

Hey there Oct…

Hi lovelies, it’s a new month and I just have to express how happy I am it’s October. Why? *drumroll* Because it’s my birthday month guys! My birthday is on the 30th of October.

I hope you can feel the excitement from my words because I am super duper excited like OMG I can’t contain myself. Birthdays make me hyper.

September was a good month so far, it marked 5 months of blogging am so happy I have come this far on this journey. I have officially started my final session at Uni and reconnected with few of my close friends so I am signing out of September with good vibes.

As October begins I aspire to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually not just physically as I ‘age’. I hope to be more in tune with my spirit, soul and body and the environment around me. Lately I have been making an effort to be more in tune with my environment, emotions and the people around me not just living but experiencing and I honestly cannot wait for what this month has in store for me.

May this month go more awesomely than I want for myself and all my lovely readers have an awesome October. Don’t forget to wish me happy birthday 😊 , also don’t forget to make the most out of your month.

Have a lovely month ahead Loves D.A♥


Hello lovelies, How was your last week so sorry I have been so busy I haven’t posted as consistently as I would want to. So I have good and bad news which do you want first? Hmmmm, okay the bad news the bad news is that in as much as I want to be consistent on this blog I won’t be able to meet up for a while because of the good news. Now the good news is I have finally resumed my last year of College God willing yes in the next few months I will undergo a series of processes that will take me to finally graduating college with a BSc in Accounting I can’t wait to be honest God has been too faithful. I have a lot of course work and school WORK I will try to balance it to the best of my ability to keep up consistency, I really hope to be able to get out at least one post per week as these weeks go by. It’s Monday and as usual I want to talk about briefly on LIFE. Well we are all living things, we eat, breathe, share and feel life happens to us with or without our permission but live we must.

Life has different stages and phases so I believe we should get with the changes and embrace them. However sometimes life just takes over we are stressed and we barely have time for ourselves talk more others and we don’t know what to do. Always believe this phase will pass just like the other phases have this will also. So therefore having that conviction in your heart you can try to find the balance and just live your life and if taking a break from it all helps then that is what you must do take your much needed break get your mind right all and live just as I have decided to you should too. What are your takes on living and life and how do you deal with Life itself? Kindly share with me. By the way I am very grateful and thankful for all those who have joined me on this journey of opinions and experiences and I have a lot more to share so thank you and keep on subscribing liking and sharing. Do have a blessed week I remain me trying to find the balance in this chaos that is my life. Love D.A💋


Hello lovelies,

It’s yet another week I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today’s topic is Procrastinating before I start talking on this I’ll just let you all know that I am currently suffering from the sly illness that is Procastination. Dont get me wrong I am a hard worker I break my back and do the needed but recalling my post on planing when I talked about how my Dad pasted notes which had little quotes on them around the house  in rooms, corridors, doors while growing up, one of these quotes was as I vividly remember “don’t postpone what can be done now till later” this stuck because I was a “professional” procrastinator I did things so last minute I don’t know why I did back then and why I still do it sometimes, maybe the rush and adrenaline I feel when I know I have a dealine to meet and very little time to meet it I feel so happy when I actually meet this deadline after hours of none stop vigorous work its crazy I know but I feel like I ‘achieved’ something and this encouraged the  habit of procrastinating.

Procrastination is the feeling that you can always get your goal acheived in time so you don’t do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it. Up until recently I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this I mean if I am fine and get my work done then what’s the problem? But there is a problem procrastination do not only affect your quality of work, it affects your mindset also. As a student I have come to realize the hard way that procrastinating is very dangerous. Rushing to make a deadline to turn in a project or an assignment can be so nerve wrecking sometimes I almost faint with anxiety. I have also learnt that procrastinating isn’t having good work ethic and to be successful one has to be very up and doing. And be an excellent time manager and to never act against your better judgement because if you postpone a task you are supposed to do now till tomorrow, tomorrow’s tasks will add to your procrastinated tasks hence you have more tasks less time to execute them and what does that profit you at the end of the day? I guess not. 

I know easier said than done I totally understand that phrase I am a living proof of that phrase take for example I have blog posts to write up, post and promote, I have to prepare my soul and spirit for the next school year, I’m currently packing for Uni, also have content to create and a chapter in my final project that have have postponed for over a month because the deadline wasn’t imminent then but it is now, and I have barely 3 days to sort myself out because I have a shit load of work I have postponed due to lack of motivation, other work preoccupying me, actually excuses because I would have been able to get those done but because I was in “holiday mode” I decided what the heck I will do it tomorrow and tomorrow never ends. So next time will I try that again I think not because I will have to pay with my sleep and peace of mind until I get it all done and that is not something I enjoy doing at all. My point is just like the quote on the door of my room read while growing up said don’t postpone whatbyou can do now  till later because it has a whole lot of side effects and for your peace of mind no its not enough to be a good planner, executor of plans but we all gave to be time cautious in our goal orientation. Just as the great Charles Dickens said Procrastination is a thief of time collar him!

I hope I have impacted a little today and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe to my blog for more posts and feel free to comment your thoughts on this weeks Topic until next time I remain me trying to get my act together and in good time. Love D.A💕

#Ootd: Back in Print!

Hello lovelies,

Today on Fashion I am bringing back print!!!! Well if you have been following my fashion posts you will have noticed I am really comfy with my choice of clothing and I love pants have so many of them but today I’ll be doing something seriously different. As different as a skirt yes guys I own a few lol.

Back Story: Last post on fashion I spoke about my very fashionable mama yeah she got me this skirt and I hated it. Like for real I loathed this skirt so much I put it under my box plotting to get rid of it but I never could due to sentimentality I mean my mama bought it in love for me.IMG_20170305_103743~2.jpg

Rediscovery: I rediscovered this skirt one day I was arranging my school wardrobe, I didn’t even realize I took it along to Uni.

Decision: upon rediscovery I decided to wear it because I just admired how classy the skirt is in itself (something I never noticed before) and I was like you can’t gift this out (being as that this was my plan initially) So I decided to keep it and wear it.


Styling Choices: Even if it the skirt was in my favorite color “black” the white print on it as seen is rather elaborate I had to take this into consideration when styling my outfit and picking out my shoes also.IMG_20170305_103732~2.jpg

I went with simple and I wanted to try something new so I wore my light blue denim with it since the colors didn’t contrast and I decided to add my two tone shoes honestly because I felt like having fun with the outfit and minimal accessories .IMG_20170305_103721.jpg

So that’s my story on how I styled this outfit and my number one tip to styling prints is to stick to the basic colors.

Don’t forget to like share and comment your thoughts and honest opinions on this particular outfit. IMG_20170305_103710.jpgTill next time I remain putting pieces together. Love D.A💕

Issa Vibe…

Hello lovelies,

Disclaimer: if you are reading this you have seen another awesome week and I am so happy you did! 😁

Today on Monday, Lifestyle and Motivation I will be talking on vibes. I know this word is so social media but for those that do not not know:

Vibe: An atmosphere or aura felt to belong to a person, place or thing; to relax and enjoy one’s self.

Growing up I learnt to trust my “vibe” when I got to a new place or met new people I instantly know in my spirit when I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Some call it your instincts that’s also accurate. I have relied on my vibe so much that the moment I meet new persons if I vibe with them we instantly become friends.

And if we dont I found out after a while that we weren’t compartible in many senses. My vibe tells me when to be comfortable in a place or with Person and when not to. I have met a few individuals that I personally don’t vibe with because my instincts tell me automatically to be weary of them at first I feel bad because I didn’t know why I felt negative energy from them but in few weeks or months I notice why I never vibed with them to begin with some I still have to interact with despite my reservations professionally and otherwise.

There are many dangerous people out there in disguise so you have to be alert as to who you associate with, the world isn’t all rainbows and Sunshine’s I wish it was but it isn’t so when you meet someone and you are getting really nagetive vibes from them be careful sometimes it may be your brain being hyper active sometimes its your spirit recognizing and rejecting theirs it happens.

There are some adverse effects on trusting just your instincts 100% how? Sometimes you may be wrong! Your brain collide your instincts mess some things up happens rarely . Like I could be at the right place at the right time but my brain questions me “how are you a hundred percent sure this is where you should be?” then I start doubting my decision. Honestly that confuses me but I have learnt to curb my senses and trust my vibes 70% of the time and use my brain 30%

My basic message today is trust your vibes, your instincts rarely fail you. You will always know when you are happy being where you are, doing what you are do, being who you are or being with a particular person because at the end of the day you Own your feelings and you know your own happiness. No one can truly tell you when you are happy because it’s something that lies within our heart. Trust your instincts and use your head also (if this makes any sense). And be happy because only you can make you happy so trust your vibes and do what you love. Have a lovely week guys Love D.A💕

Ootd: Lace and Pants.

Hello lovelies,

Starting this beautiful ember month with Lacey tops and high waist pants. Firstly a little story time so some I had to attend a social function with my mum as her one woman entourage if you know what I mean, so I had to look well up to standard because my mum is so fashionable.IMG_20170806_090953.jpg

Back to Lace, I love lace I think its so sophisticated and what not 🙂 Anyways I’m the girl that loves lace, silk and linen I just love those articles of clothing so when I saw this lace top in my sister’s closet I just had to try it on and guess what it fit! My “Twinnie” as I call her let me wear it and it was so amazing. This blouse was not only Lacey it was clourful I don’t usually like wearing bright clothes but I liked how this one looked on me. IMG_20170806_091000.jpg

I paired it with my one of my black high waisted pants you all know I love pants, a black purse and my nude and black shoes. Keeping jewelry to a minimum an earring and a couple of bangles I pulled my braids back to not take the attention from my top. All that done off I went to a social gathering with my mum. IMG_20170806_091143.jpg

I think I totally nailed this easy classy look because when my sister saw the pictures from that day she was like “gurl you look so good you can keep that blouse” I couldn’t be happier.

What do you think yay or nay? Did I nail it? Share your thoughts also what is your favorite article of clothing and why? I will be looking forward to hear your opinions on this outfit. Till next time Love D.A💕

August Favs…

Hello lovelies,

So its a new month!!! (Doing my little dance) I am beyond estatic I can scream okay I already did lol.

August was an awesome month for me I hope it was for you also! Today  I am sharing my August Favs with you all so here are the top 5 things that happened in August

1. Driver here say what! So last month I shared I will be taking driving lessons and guess what I’m all done and a certified driver yassss (little dance) Screenshot_20170901-203919~2.png

2. 5000+ instafam Yes my instagram family expanded to 5000 plus and I am so happy to share content here and on Instagram my social media growth isn’t about the number but about the beautiful souls I connect with daily. You can join this family ( follow @deeawata) lets connect!IMG_20170827_012502_091

3. My WordPress family expanded: I celebrated my first 500likes on here and 50+ subscribers I can’t thank you enough I am so happy thanks for the likes and comments I have met so many awesome humans through their blogs and I am so happy for the opportunity  and I would love to connect more with all of you so if you want to shoot me a personal message on my email and we can connect more. Happy for these milestones.Screenshot_20170828-194203~2

4. My skin Yasss! Last month I shared a skin care product I am totally obsessing over and currently using PureTropix.Africa an all natural skin care brand you can check them out because my glow lately have been A+ IMG_20170819_092348_693

5. Peace of mind: although august was a busy month for me I have been so a peace with myself and I have God to thank for that because my level of focus and spiritual growth is higher and I’m all the better and Happier

6. Reconnecting: I reconnected with some old contacts and it made me realize how far I have come and how far I want to go. It also made me appreciate staying on the right path against all odds because God always favours his kids and I happen to be one of his favs lol.

7. Music August have so far been my music month I have discovered so many turnt music some Nigerian and some foreign especially trap yes I like the trending Cardi B’s song especially the Latin version.

That’s it for August its been good but unto the next September!! ( doing my dance again). I have new goals to set, new asses to kick and so many things to do. Time to execute plans and live I’ll definitely be sharing all on my Instagram and on here. So how was August and what do you have planned for September???? Till next time have a lovely new month and shine. Love D.A.

Spaghetti and Pirates…

Hello lovelies,

Unto my second food blog ever! So I ate a very delicious and inexpensive meal when I was out seeing movies with my sisters. We had a fun day at the mall ice cream, dress fitting and did I mention we saw Pirates of the Caribbean the last part.InShot_20170614_181309~2

Spaghetti: I loved this meal it was spicy, delicious and inexpensive hence I enjoyed every bit and the chicken was crusty absolutely loved itIMG_20170613_163628.jpg

Priates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was super thrilling  Jack sparrow as always brought the humor and the storylinehad suspense and action no spoiler here but I was at the edge of my seat through out the movie. Little confession I am one of those annoying people that shout, laugh and predict through out the movie like my friends always complain but I was so happy I went with my sisters because we laughed and predicted together it was super fun.

Dress Fitting and ice cream: I love dress fitting and changing into different outfits in changing rooms actually I love everything about shopping so it was super fun especially doing it with my sisters!


It’s weekend soon and you may deciding what to do, well you can see a movie and “pop” popcorn and just have a super chilled time like we did. So what are your weekend plans???? Love D.A💕


Hello lovelies,

Last week I finished my three part mini seriesthanks for the views likes and comments.

Today I will just be saying few things on dwelling on past events and how it can ultimately affect you. Oh well I didn’t want to post this up but I have seen so much “saltiness” over the weekend and I thought I should address it for whoever cares to listen. We all go through a lot, anger, rejection, sadness, betrayals, heartbreaks etc. We may be hurt by people close to us  and feel down like why me? I’m good loyal I shouldn’t be treated that way. Yes I understand it happens and it hurs alot, now rather than move on some hold on to this grudge, this hurt and pain which will ultimately rob you of happiness and whenever you see that individual(s) that caused you so much hurt happy you get angry. Why? Because you are dwelling.

By dwelling on your hurt, you hurt yourself you tell yourself you don’t deserve better, you don’t deserve to move on and find peace. Well you do. You deserve to forgive and move on. You deserve to breath without pent up anger. Trust me I know I used to feel so angry because of betrayals and what not but I realized that while the preperators of my pain where moving on and doing great things with their lives I was stuck in the dungeon I put myself the dungeon in my mind that was deeply wronged, and I put myself in that dugeon hoping one day they realize and they apologize and whenever I saw a picture of them on social media I will get so angry like how can they treat me like this and find happiness? such monsters! I remained in this dark dungeon for a period until I decided I can’t continue living like this so I started taking steps of riding myself of all that hurt. The truth is its easier to remain salty and angered than to forgive and move on, but step by step I started forgiving and letting go of all the hurt and betrayals and loving myself it was a process that right now I do not give a rat’s ass if they realized they hurt meand apologize I’m good!( like that the weekend song i’m good i’m good i’m great🎧🎤 lol)

I’m not saying forgive them hold hands and sing kumbaya if you can do that sincerely then that’s awesome. All I’m saying is create light within yourself by giving yourself heavy dozes of self love and soon and enough you won’t find yourself holding on to the hurt or people that hurt you. Soon enough you can let go and say oh well they did what they did and I hope they had their reasons. Focus on your happiness why? Because you are beautiful with a great soul and you deserve to show yourself and the whole world your happiness because thr earth infact the universe is all the better all the happier because you are happy and your happiness is not tied to a place, person or thing.

Your light will radiate so what they hurt and lost you their loss not yours, so what they never apologized you are good aren’t you? Guess what! Even if you don’t believe this you will meet so many awesome individuals that will be drawn to your self love and happiness and you will make magic! So don’t loose hope, don’t lock yourself in a dark dungeon of self pity, don’t post deadass memes on social media hoping they realize how much they hurt you, don’t dwell on hurt caused by others don’t give them that power over you. Focus you because You are better, you are stronger and you’re Good.

Till next time I am Magic so are you Love D.A💕

Exploring African Artists’ Foundation…

Hello Lovelies,
A few months back I was at the African Artists foundation and here is my take.
The African Artist Foundation was established in 2007 a non profit organization with the aim of preserving African Art and encourage the highest standard of art in Africa.IMG_20170429_151053.jpg It serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity.IMG_20170430_162553.jpgIMG_20170429_123323.jpg
The Artists’ Foundation is located at No. 3b Isiola Oyekan closeOff Adeleke Adedoyin StreetOff Kofo Abayomi StreetVictoria Island, Lagos and is open Monday – Friday: 10:00 to 17:00, Saturday: 12:00 to 16:00 closed on Sunday.IMG_20170429_123447.jpgIMG_20170429_123601.jpgIMG_20170429_123402.jpg
All up until now I didnt know we had such a place in Nigeria until I was opportuned to visit. The African Art Foundation promotes Art and Photography as I saw a lot of creatively snapped photographs, paintings and sculptures.IMG_20170430_160412.jpgIMG_20170430_160425.jpg
I was really impressed by the art and photography works they were both highly creative and cultural I took few pictures however I couldn’t take any photographs with the art because I am really shy to ask strangers to take photographs of me it was all in all a great experience and I don’t regret visiting alone, although next time I would love to visit with my sisters or friends and take lots of pictures :).IMG_20170430_163505~2.jpg
I have been struggling to get this post out glad I finally got around doing it share your thoughts on this post. Have you ever visited a place like this? If you have what was your experience like? If you haven’t will you like to? Don’t forget to like, comment and share.
Till next time. I remain me Love D.A💕

Purpose, Plan and Timing: Timing

Hello lovelies,

“Time is an illusion, timing is an art-Stefan Emunds”

Last week and the week before I talked the importance of deciding your purpose and the importance of  planning  today’s topic is timing.  So what is Timing? It is simply  the ability to select the right or precise moment for doing something for optimum effect. To begin with let me just say a plan without a timeline is a wish or a dream, a GOAL in my definition is a plan which is to be achieved within a specific time that’s what makes it achievable.

For example “I want to travel to Italy” that’s a wish but ” I want to travel to Italy in 2020″ now that’s a goal which is achievable why? because you have a timeline to work with which is 2020 hence you can work diligently to achieve this goal of yours.

It is not enough to decide your purpose or one of your purposes and device a plan to achieve it,  you have to give each plan a timeline so it comes alive. Ever noticed that you can plan and plan and never get anything done? Well I have, in the past I have made so many plans but I didn’t get any of them done so I started doing some research on how to effectively plan and execute those plans. I noticed that the one element I missed was timing. I never timed my plans. I never wrote down a timeline so I decided to start timing my plans (setting goals) and I noticed the difference when I began to gradually achieve my set goals one by one. Truthfully you may not achieve everything you planned at the end of your timeline but you would have made enough progress to estimate the remaining time that would be needed to achieve this goal.

Time waits for no man yes so effective timing is a skill you have to build over time ( irony), I believe that one of the first steps towards effective timing is making a detailed plan and estimating how long it would take to achieve this goals for yours when you set that timeline, you can start working diligently to achieve them. What I do which may or may not be helpful is that I decide in detail the steps I am supposed to take to achieve a purpose or a goal,I estimate how long it will take and I do something for extra drive to achieve my goal I shorten my timeline by a month or two why because I know if am an racing to achieve something great within a limited period of time I won’t get tired amor bored that drives me.

What gives you the drive to smash your goals? I hope you enjoyed this three part series. Kindly share your thoughts on this topic and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Till next time Love D.A 

5+ Foods that have the ability to enhance your skin…

Hello lovelies,

On beauty today I will be giving you 5+ foods that help in imporving skin giving it that healthy glow. We all know beauty starts from within that also applies to the health of your skin.

You must have heard the phrase you are what you eat, naturally what we intake affects the outward appearance of our skin. That’s just the way it works eat healthy have healthy skin. That is why I am sharing foods that help achevie this healthy skin.

So let’s get to it, below are some foods that will be great for your skin:

*Olive Oil: believe it or not olive oil contains anti ageing. Olive oil beat out the other oils sunflower and peanut. About 75% of the fat in olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids, play a role in the youth boost. The antioxidant polyphenols in olive oil could also quench damaging free radicals.

*Tomatoes: The antioxidant lycopene improves skin’s natural SPF and we all know that improves the skin.

*Dark Chocolate: yes these yummy bits help improve your skin. It contains antioxidants properties which help hydrate your skin and improve blood circulation. Sticking to a 1-ounce portion, or 150 calories reap good skin benefits without the weight gain.and who doesn’t want that? Great skin without the baggage of weight gain. Add natural sweetness and fruit instead of added sugar which can be fattening.

*Oatmeal: I love oatmeal I could eat it all day. every day and guess what? It’s great for your skin!

*Green Tea: Some studies prove that green tea increases skin elasticity, smoothness, boost blood flow and oxygen.

*Water and Red wine: yes your favorite liquids (may not be yours but are definitely mine) help improve the skin. Red wine is a top source of resveratrol, an antioxidant compound with anti-tumor properties and we all know water hydrates the skin which is ultimately great for the skin.

Other foods that improve the health of your skin include walnuts, rosemary,eggs, soy, oyserts,coffee, water, kale, and so on. And from personal experience I know eating lots of fruits and greens and drinking lots of water helps to increase the appearance of the skin.

I hope you enjoyed these few tips I have given, these are based on personal research and experience so you can try them out if you like and tell me Till next time I remain me. Love D.A

Purpose, Plan and Timing: Plan (part II)

Hello Lovelies, today on the three part series  Purpose, Plan and Timing our focused is Plan.

Most times you hear “What’s the plan?”, “I plan to”, ” it wasn’t part of my plan” so the word PLAN isn’t new to us.

When I was younger and up till date my dad usually says to us ” If you fail to Plan you plan to fail”. I grew up on this quote. I knew for anything to happen a plan should be put in place. So what is a Plan or what do you mean by laying down a Plan?

Simply up a plan is a set of actions laid down or marked out with the intention of achieving a Goal. Obviously the process of setting out or marking out these actions will be Planning.

We have so much we want out of life, so much we want to do, buy and experience and we obviously can’t do them all at once so the essence of planning set in. For example I may want 5 things pay my tuition, buy new clothes, get myself a new laptop, buy a digital camera and go to Italy; now those may be the 5 things that when I think what do I want those pop up in my head but I obviously cannot do them all at once although I really want them all but I don’t know how to go about achieving all things. This is where the ability of planning set in firstly I have to make a priority list which will tell me the things I can delay and the things I cannot delay because  let’s say I go to Italy I will have a time of my life but I may not have enough to pay for tuition. Everyone’s plan is unique and different why? Because we have different paths in life. Now I decide to pioritise and make paying for tuition, buying a new laptop first and buying a camera, going to Italy and buying new clothes later.

Your plan must work with your purpose. So if my purpose or goal is to be a traveling academia then the academic part has to be settled first that is why I will pay my tuition but I won’t negelect my  traveler part so therefore during my academic year I will set up a fund where I can gradually save towards buying that camera and going to Italy.  Plans change our goals can change so our plans will also change with purpose. You cannot use an old plan for a new purpose. So using that example and I decide going to Italy is more important that school, I can deferr the school year and travel to Italy. Also if I decide with a valid point that being a photographer trumps all school, clothes, laptop and clothes my plan will change I will have new priorities like buying a camera, taking photography classes or and institute for photographers, getting a mentor and so on. Our plans should always be purpose oriented it should always be in line with our end goal which is our PURPOSE.

Till next time lovelies I remain ever planing and replaning Love D.A💕

When in doubt (black and camo) Brunch Date with Paula…

Hello lovelies, today still on my causal day outfits, I will be talking on how I mixed the bandana fashion comback with my own all black laid back under the weather fashion. That’s a mouthful I know I love stringing words together :). First off, I didn’t plan on wearing this outfit I woke up feeling a little under the weather and I couldn’t cancel my shopping and brunch plans with my best girl Paulz (@__zenny all pictures of me photographed by her), I just had to quickly throw something on and go out on the town lol.InShot_20170702_000316.jpg

The outfit I previously had in mind was less causual more fun but I opted for my super comfy black pants, camisole and black sweater. InShot_20170702_000400.jpg

I was too tired to pack my braids( if you ever carried braids you will understand the struggle) so I let them down and tied them in place with my camo bandana (one of my favorite fashion staples right now you will definitely be seeing more of it), minimal jewelry as usual and my archoke chain bag. The day was fun we did a little shopping ate at a very nice place and I was glad I opted for a more comfortable look, I felt cute and relaxed took pictures and had the best icecream.InShot_20170701_225831.jpgInShot_20170701_225817.jpg

Have you ever had the get your butt out of bed and dress up? What’s your go to comfy just got out of bed look? Hope you enjoyed this short post, I will be bringing more on my fashion choices and back stories. Do have a lovely weekend.InShot_20170702_000222.jpg

Till next time I remain making clothing decisions to suit my mood. Love D.A💕

Purpose, Plan and Timing: Purpose.

Hello lovelies, today I will be starting a three part mini series Purpose, Plan and Timing. Firstly I will focused on Purpose.#142 Quote

So what is Purpose? It’s a word we all have used and we all know but what is Purpose? Purpose is an object to be reached, a goal, an aim or a target. Do you know your overall purpose in Life? Do you know your aim? Do you have a target? Do you know who you are supposed to be? These are valid questions we should all ask ourselves.

Although we are all on the path of self discovery we ought to ask ourselves what is my purpose? Why am I on this earth? What is my target? My aim what am I supposed to do is there a reason I am alive. Having an end goal or target that drives us gives our lives meaning its what makes us get up every morning. Only when we discover our purpose only then we start living.

Stop existing start living a life with a purpose. Till next time I keep on the path of self discovery Love D.A💕


Casual in Denim…

Hi lovelies,

Today on fashion I’ll be talking about casual easy to wear denim on denim look. If you have been following my posts you will know I love casual easy to wear pieces.

Initially I was going to wear just this white top I got from new look on the denim skinny jeans but it was a chilly day so I added the Denim Jacket.InShot_20170615_093233

I didn’t just throw any Denim jacket on what I did was I worked with the shades of denim my skinny jeans are a darker shade so I went with a matching shade of Blue Denim jacket, the white innner top was a much needed break between colors that caused an overall blend so it wasn’t all matchy matchy.InShot_20170619_161537

For shoes I chose my addidas running shoes I love sports shoes, they are easy and comfy and also make great fashion statement shoes.

Accessories I chose a nice brown chain bag and loop earrings. You can’t go wrong in loops hair and makeup was kept to the barest minimum.InShot_20170619_161554.jpg

This look is cool for days you don’t want to really dress up but you still want to look great!what are your thoughts on my look will you wear this? Kindly share with me. Hope your weekend is going great. Till next time Love D.A💕

Liebster Award!

Starting August on a fresh note and keeping my promise to Sammmy  ( I am posting this up now, sorry its coming lateScreenshot_20170803-120856

So the amazing Sammy ( nominated me for this award. Kindly check her blog and follow her posts are just amazing.

Here is my question and answer session.

1. How do you find ideas to post

There are so many things that pop into my head and so many things I want to share that gives me inspiration for my blog posts.

2. What is your favorite quote and by whom

I love quotes especially motivational quotes my favorite right now is FOCUS – Follow One Course of action Until Successful I don’t know who coined this quote though I wish I did.

3. What are the characteristics if a good blog post

I’m not the expert but in my opinion a good blog post should pass the adequate information to your audience.

4. What have you learnt from blogging

I have learnt so much especially that I can do anything an be anything if I give myself the chance to improve and work on myself. I also learnt that there is a whole other world out here full of creative and awesome people that I can relate with on another level, I didn’t know that before now I do.

5. When not blogging what do you do for fun

I go out see the world around me usually with a camera I love taking pictures. I also enjoy lots of reading.

6. Two random facts about you

* I love shoes too much is not enough with me

* I’m scared of dogs ( have the scars to justify my fear)

7. What is your ideal holiday? Where would like to travel?

Everywhere. Europe, Asia,all of Africa and the Island countries.

8. Do you have any Phobias if so what?

I’m working to overcome them so not really.

9.What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

I come off as a lot of things to lots of people you will have to really know me to know me

10. What’s the craziest most spotanoues thing you have ever done?

I didn’t really know a place once wasn’t familiar with the streets etc but I had an opportunity so I didn’t want to loose that opportunity because of unfamiliarity of the place so I went and I ended up not only knowing the place getting my opportunity I made long lasting accquitances.


11. Would you say you are an optimist, persist or realist

I am a realistic optimist.

I nominate everyone reading this yes you beautiful I nominate you for this award.

That’s all for today. I do hope you have the best ofvAugust till next time. I remain me. Love D.A.