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Hello there,

STYLEDSTOCK_BLOGGERSOFCANADA-1933My name is Destiny Awata. I am an accountant, digital content creator and social media strategist. Thank you for visiting my blog and this page I can”t wait for us to create MAGIC TOGETHER! My services include:


  • For Brands: I collaborate with brands for services such as blog sponsored posts, product photography, product and place reviews, giveaways, social media mentions, advertisements and promotions, collaborations with lifestyle or fashion brands that fit my Blog and it’s motto (living your best life). I am also open to creating brand specific content based on need therefore there are no limits as to how we can collaborate and create magic together.

Here are a few samples of my work:

For more information on blog collaborations please click HERE.

Businesses and Individuals.

  • For Businesses: Are you a business owner confused on what to do with your business or finances? I offer business consultations, digital marketing and accounting services for businesses. As a bonus I will look into your online presence and give you a free social media consultation.
  • For individuals: If you have an event and you do not know how to style yourself for that event, I am just an email away. For a small fee we can ransack your closet together and search for the perfect outfit for you.
For more information on how I can be of help to you or your business on how we can work together, please click HERE.
I can’t wait to work with you. Dee Awata.