From Plain to Pop: A Christmas Story…



How I styled my lbd i.e. little black dress up for my Christmas day Pop.

To a young woman such as myself who likes to stand out in everything she does basic just doesn’t cut it for me. So you can imagine the kind of situation I was in on Christmas morning 2016 when I realized I didn’t have a dress suitable enough to wear for the day. Let’s back up a little bit few days before, I gave my dress to my tailor Mama M who of course promised she would have it done in time for the 25th, but as the saying goes about Nigerian tailors being quiet the risk takers well cut long story short she didn’t have my outfit ready in time. InShot_20161225_125423.jpgThis outfit situation destabilized a sister you should have seen me on the 24th especially when my mom goes “I’m sure there’s an outfit you can wear somewhere in your wardrobe” man I was deflated! Why? well because I didn’t have any magic clothes suitable in my wardrobe, the clothes I had were ill fitted(happens when you are in school most part of the year), don’t get me started on my hair situation which was another issue on its own. My hair betrayed me!! Ladies can relate to this, I did a 90’s wash (wash and roll) which was really cute and curly when I left the saloon but to my dismay the curls didn’t survive the hours of shopping under Warri’s scorching sun so I had to comb out and air dry which ruined the hair.

What does a girl do in a situation like this? I looked through my wardrobe and found my LBD which was a lifesaver literally  but I still had one small problem my mum doesn’t usually like me wearing black so I was sure she would flip if I came out Christmas morning wearing a black dress like I wasn’t celebrating his birth but his death. I knew how to solve this problem accessories! A lil bing never hurt anybody.InShot_20170121_203335.jpg

Bright ideas came with a new day. I had to glam up my outfit and I had to do it fast, I searched through my wardrobes ( Mine and those of my sisters perks of having sisters lol). My finds were epic, few things caught my eyes some forgotten shoes, an Ankara material, a teal chain bag, gold bracelets and a statement earring I also found a belt and silver earrings and necklaces I later discarded

Sticking with the above pieces I went to work. The Ankara was made into a turban which hide my hair disaster edges where laid definitely, my earrings looked awesome so did the other accessories. When I was done with piecing this outfit together I felt well fulfilled I didn’t only take plain to pop I did so within record hour. It’s funny how the basic pieces come together for a little “slayage”.


A little imagination saves us lots of times when styling outfits plus the best outfits are the ones usually unplanned.


Have you ever had to whipped up an awesome outfit out of thin air share your stories. Until next time, I remain Me.


Till next time, I remain Me.


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