Colours: Nike Art Gallery…

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A review.

When you taste a bit of art and culture for the first time you always go back in search of that feeling and that was exactly what I did the Saturday I visited the famous Nike Art Gallery in Lagos. PicsArt_04-22-06.50.46~3.png

Of course I didn’t go experiencing alone I went alongside two of my favorite people Paula and Habeeb and they made my day all the more interesting.

For an adopted child of the city of Lagos, I’m not really conversant with the roads and the paths getting around could be problematic at times, so a little research went into making our visit a successful one. Sites were checked, calls made, people ”interviewed” and facts gathered before we embarked on this little interesting culture filled adventure. One of the sites I hold in high esteem is RoadPreppers ( because I got detailed road directions to my destination in no time and also an estimated cost of trip which was accurated and made navigating our way easy.PicsArt_04-23-12.22.12

IMG-20170422-WA0034We arrived our destination at about 12:30pm at the door we received a very wonderful welcome from Mrs. Nike herself.  She performed a mini singsong and welcome dance which goes “Ekabo” meaning welcome in the native  Yoruba language and we sang along.

May I add that she is an embodiment of beauty obviously a woman of strength talent and wisdom. I loved her adire tie dye outfit and her beaded earrings.IMG-20170422-WA0057We were met by a young lady who welcomed us and offered a tour, gave us the rules which were: No touching the artworks for obvious reasons and No direct photography of the artworks which bummed me because I had plans of taking lots of pictures.

With that we started our grand tour of the three storey building which is Nike Art Gallery.IMG-20170422-WA0021

I must say I went from wowed to wowed to beyond wowed.

There were series of artwork and although my hands itched to take photographs of the art I had to respect the rules and protect the artists.IMG-20170422-WA0057

However selfies were allowed so selfies were taken, different kinds of art works of different shapes and sizes, from series of paintings, to paintings made of beads, to paintings that draw you in, to paintings looking like black and white photography, to vintage-like paintings and paintings that emanated from the canvas looking as real and as alive as you and I, don’t get me started on the sculptures like I said before I went from wowed to wowed and at a point I was speechless starring in wonderment of the beauty of creativity that surrounded me.

From floor to floor we went and from painting to sculpture we saw it was an experience indeed. One of the highlights of my day was speaking to Mrs. Nike herself, she is a beautiful energetic and inspirational woman to be around we spoke about art, family, Nigeria. She also introduced us to some of the art collectors who usually visits her gallery from around the world.

I really enjoyed every second of my day at the art gallery and I will definitely visit it again you should too.

PS: entry to Nike Art Gallery is absolutely free so I encourage you to visit this wonderful place.IMG-20170422-WA0075

My  regrets of the day was that I wished I took more selfies!!! All in all I left Nike Art Gallery inspired and in a colourful mood. Have you ever visited Nike Art Gallery or any other art gallery in Lagos state? If yes, share your experiences!IMG-20170422-WA0011

Till Next time. I remain Me. xxx..

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