Casual in Denim…

Hi lovelies,

Today on fashion I’ll be talking about casual easy to wear denim on denim look. If you have been following my posts you will know I love casual easy to wear pieces.

Initially I was going to wear just this white top I got from new look on the denim skinny jeans but it was a chilly day so I added the Denim Jacket.InShot_20170615_093233

I didn’t just throw any Denim jacket on what I did was I worked with the shades of denim my skinny jeans are a darker shade so I went with a matching shade of Blue Denim jacket, the white innner top was a much needed break between colors that caused an overall blend so it wasn’t all matchy matchy.InShot_20170619_161537

For shoes I chose my addidas running shoes I love sports shoes, they are easy and comfy and also make great fashion statement shoes.

Accessories I chose a nice brown chain bag and loop earrings. You can’t go wrong in loops hair and makeup was kept to the barest minimum.InShot_20170619_161554.jpg

This look is cool for days you don’t want to really dress up but you still want to look great!what are your thoughts on my look will you wear this? Kindly share with me. Hope your weekend is going great. Till next time Love D.A💕


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