#ootd: 5 tips on how to style mom jeans (featuring my birthday outfit)

The Mom Jean trend has been a hit 2017. This piece of clothing which used to be very unfashionable has taken a twist and “not-moms” such as myself and a lot of other fashion icons, celebrities and bloggers have been loving and wearing this. Although so many people love this trend not many know how to pull it off adequately.

So today I will be sharing my 5 Tips to pulling off the mom jean look:

Tip 1: Choose the right size. For me I choosing the right size is everything! choose a size that compliments your figure adequately. I chose a size which was just a bit bigger than my normal size because I wanted the jeans is to be free but not completely baggy. The fit has to be visible and yes it is supposed to make your arrière look nice (wink).

Tip 2: Your waist should be clearly defined. Sometimes the mom jean may be free at the waist because well if we are being honest it’s challenging finding a perfect fit. This was the case with mine so what I did  was I secured that with a belt to ensure my waist is accentuated.

Tip 3: Roll your jeans up to show your ankles this is also an excuse to showcase your shoes. Yassssss hunny!

Tip 4: Pair it with a neutral Color such as white and I also love basic earth tones. So I paired my mom jeans with white this time, you can also try gray, black, browns and also white or go daring and wear something patterned or floral.

Tip 5: Accessorize!! I love accessories and accessorizing your outfit gives it the much needed pop and takes it from basic to trendy.

Bonus tip: Enjoy wearing your comfy pair of jeans. A comfortable pairs of jeans make me happy and  I am sure it will make you happy too. They also look great in pictures! So drag a friend out or stop a stranger on the way to take some photographs. Know what it feels like to be an Instagram influencer or fashion blogger or model while you strut in front of the camera. Just have fun.

So that’s some of my tips on how to rock the mom jeans. I wore it on my birthday because I had classes that day and I needed something that would be both comfy and classy. Here are some pictures of the full outfit:

Mom jean: westport (thrifted)

Bag: Italian Genuine leather (got it from my mom)

Sandals: Thrifted

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Belt: Mrp

Accessories: Gifted (sisters and best friends)

I will definitely be incorporating the mom jeans in my daily choices and styling them in different ways here on the blog. What do you think of this outfit Yay or Nay? What do you like? Hate? Or will change?

Let me go first, if I could change anything on this outfit I will wear a different camisole preferably a white camisole (I couldn’t find mine in the rush that morning) so what are yours? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Till next time Love D.A♥


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