Life Lately: How I won a blogger writing Challenge (Highlight of my January 2018)

January was a bit of a challenging month for me but the highlight of it has been winning a blogger writing Challenge by Pulse Nigeria.

Can I get a what what! *doing a belly dance*

The challenge stated that the top two bloggers with combined highest generated traffic from December 1st, 2017 to January 6th, 2018 will win 2 tickets for a luxurious Stay At the Epe Resort and Spa.

When I saw this challenge, Fam! I was beyond excited because I have heard of this place before, and really wanted to win.

I had plans of writing my article and submitting it before the deadline but I was under alot of pressure majorly from school and myself because it was the first month of the year and I ususally put alot of pressure on myself to do better be better, set those goals map out a plan to achieve them and all.

Also, educationally January is the month I write my first semester exams, so alot of reading, studying and rereading is involved. I barely had time to update my blog and write the articles I promised I will write to join the bloggers challenge. Even during the holiday I was really busy with my project and well Christmas chicken that procastination became my middle name.

Anyways, I finally sent in my article on the 5th of January, very close to the deadline and truth be told I didn’t hope for much when I sent it in. My article Men are not Shoes was inspired by t

he African concept of love, relationship and marriage and the expected role for women in relationships.

I wrote it and sent it in a night, truth be told  truth be told I have never shared such a thought provoking article in my life. I usually write them and hid them due to the fear of backlash and people saying what does she know that she wants to say about love and relationship, so I almost didn’t send in the Article but something came to mind I told myself “Dee what can really happen? The worst that happens is that they think it’s trash and do not post it”

So hit SEND and a few weeks later while I was out studying for my exams I recieved a message from the Blogger Manager Mr FBI (that’s how i saved his number on my phone 😆) and he gave me the good news.

I was so excited I let out a shout of joy disturbing everyone reading with me (sorry guys) I couldnt sit still I was just jiggly and dancing in my seat. Especially because I didnt even in my wildest dreams think I will win due to self doubt and procastination .

An article published the winners of the challenge on the Pulse Website and I went by the office to pick my prize yesterday it was amazing.


Mr FBI giving me my Prize


In all the month of January taught me one lesson if you have anything to get done like Nike says “Just Do It!” before you succeed in talking yourself out of it. You will thank yourself later. I finally finished my chapter 2 in my project just have a few corrections to effect and I also finished my exams so I am beyond happy. Time to take on more responsibilities.

Therefore, I am going into February excited, energetic and grateful for my wins and for the support I recieved so far the views on my blog and the websites I currently contribute to Pulse and The Blogger Point (a platform that helps and connects bloggers).

To all the subscribers and followers on my blog and social media (@deeawata on instagram and chicitynomad on Facebook platforms) that read my work from all parts of the world and give their honest opinions thank you from the bottom of my heart. To my blogger group where I got the opportunity of getting involved in content contribution for Pulse Nigeria I say a big thank you life isnt boring and more productive with @ThebloggerAdvocate (advocating for blogger growth and dreams). I love you all.

I will be launching a new series on my blog titled MY EKO TALEs under Fun and Adventure where I will be sharing my experiences around Lagos, Nigeria (Eko Lagos) which will start with my visits of amazing places. Alot of Photography will definitely be involved of course


Are you excited ? I sure am. I can’t wait to start posting and go on my 2 days trip to Epe (which I will definently share in a post) guess who i am taking along with me?

If you have been to Epe resort and spa kindly send in reviews and suggest ways to have fun because I want to make the most of my days there.

How was your month? Any challenges? Any wins? Share with me in with a comments below!

Note: Do not let procastination and self doubt make you loose an awesome opportunity you never know what God has in store for you all that is left, is for you to play your part

Happy New Month and have an amzing weekend. Love D.A♥


  1. Congratulations! I’m happy for you. If you don’t mind my bad nosy habit, I think you deliberately refused to mention who you are taking along! Was it not you that gave the hint?.
    No wins yet!
    Challenges are unending, my most recent being the suspension of my blog due to non renewal of premium plan!
    More happy blogging times!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s funny. Thank you for reading and yes I left who I am taking along out, guess you will have to look out for that post to find out. I hope you got your suspension lifted I cannot imagine how that may have made you feel. More Happy blogging times to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, will look out for the post on that outing! And thanks Dee, for your kind words, you are such a lovely soul. I also blog on a free wordpress plan I am currently using it till I am able to raise money for my premium plan and continue to use my main site. Perhaps you might follow me on that site too? Thanks👍

        Liked by 1 person

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