7 times you need that Little Black dress! Featuring Outfit from Desire1709fashion.

Owning a little black dress (LBD) cannot be overemphasized when talking on wardrobe stables. It is one of the most essential fashion pieces any woman who knows her fashion onions needs to own.

LBD form @desire1709fashion

Why do I need an LBD? You may be thinking… Well the little black dress is not only one of the most perfect fashion pieces you need, it is also in the most perkkfect colour of all time. Black! I mean who doesn’t look great in black? Everyone does. When you buy a little black dress you are actually giving yourself a gift because it is so versitile and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Still skeptical on why you need a LBD in your life, not sure if it is sexy enough or sassy enough for your event or do you own one or a few but don’t know where to rock them to? Well today I will be giving you 7 times you need that desirable little black dress and as a bonus I will be giving some LBD Festive outfit inspos to help you slay every event you will attend wearing an LBD this December.

5 times you need that Desirable Little Black Dress:

Now I love black and although I dont really own lots of dresses, for me the LBD is a piece that literally saves me whenever I want to take my outfit choice from basic to slay and you certainly need to own a LBD for times like the following:

1. Your everyday life: I am a fashionista every single day of the year. So therefore even if I am going to do something as mundane as going to work, getting my nails done or the market I want to look good.

An LBD is so essential in this aspect. Paired with slip ons or sneakers my LBD can be worn to just about anywhere this is why it is a wardrobe stable. You can wear it to launch with friends or see a movie or attend a football game. Anywhere!

2. Date night: sweetheart do you have that hot date with that really cool guy you have been scoping for a while and not sure what to wear? Well the LBD is a perfect choice why? Because it is black so you automatically look confident and comfortable in your skin and that is what you want your date to see right?

Also, when wearing a LBD you can wear whatever shoes and do your hair in any way that will suits your mood, your environment and so on. An added bonus is if your date is a fashionista, he will definitely appreciate the class the LBD brings and it say alot about you as a lady.

3. Meeting: big meeting with investors or your boss about that next year raise, speech, presentation or congress?

Not sure what to wear? Why not wear a LBD, a blazer(black or colored), classic black heels and a statement bag. Keep your hair looking neat and shining and walk into that meeting looking confident and soak in that confidence to deliver that speech. Keep it classy and confident like Meghan does here.

4. Office Function: for my worker bee’s (Beyonces) slaying your 9-5 and having less time for closet drama an LBD is a NEED for you.

Especially in the case of an impromptu office engagement where you will have to be present and not sure what to wear, the LBD is an obvious choice. It is elegant and it speaks class.

So for your office Christmas party this year, rock that LBD with red lips and red heels, and minimal accessories and keep it classy. No need to break the bank looking for an new outfit.

Trust me you will Slay!

5. Girls Night out or Birthday party: yep you can totally rock the LBD you wore to work in a diffrent way (hooker boots or sky scrapper heels) to have a fun evening out with your girls or even to attend your birthday party (if you didnt pre plan an outfit ) or a friend’s bithday and still look a zillion bucks.

6. To a Wedding: wearing black to a wedding is not a taboo regardless what you may have heard. It actually says classy and simple.

So you can definitely rock that beautiful black dress to that wedding, bridal rehearsal dinner or shower.

7. Church Yasss!: just like me you can rock your LBD to church looking your absolute Sunday best.

I rocked my LBD and nude sandals from @desire1709fashion. I absolutely love this piece because I see myself styling it in different ways and shutting down various events. Remember the words of Karl Lagerfeld:

So these are some times you need a LBD in your closet. Do you own an lBD? Want to style it for an event this Festive season? The trick is to add a litlle shimmer to the outfit. Wear statement pieces in gold, silver, diamond and possibly red. The red lips say festive so don’t be scared to use that ruby woo!

The @desire1709fashion is a fashion brand with an instagram page and online shop. The pieces I wore are available on their website alongside their new “Shimmer and Shine” holiday collection. They stock other very amazingly affordable pieces and ship worldwide. Shop now Thank you later!

How are you rocking the LBD for the festivities leave a comment below. Don’t forget to also subscribe to the blog and follow me via social media @deeawata.

Love and light. Love D.A💋


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