A guide to making paying bills fun: 3 easy steps

I really hate paying bills. Me and my bills certainly have at “hate-hate” relationship. I totally dislike the process of paying the bills because of what it does to my earnings. It’s like one day I have money, the next day I have so less than I had the day before, because I paid my bills! This used to cause me so much anxiety and to be honest it still does sometimes.

I am sure every adult can relate to this. Bills are however a necessary evil, as long as we live and use utilities to ensure the quality of life and survival we will always have bills to pay. Although we do not have to have such negative feelings towards our bills, we can actually make paying our bills fun, easy and painless thereby reducing anxiety in these 3 easy steps:

1. Keep them organised: organisation has been proven to reduce anxiety and this relates to your bills also. The first step is to organize your bills. Bills may come physically or virtually so the first thing to do is make a list. Write down all your bills as they come. You can use a bullet journal and a check list to organise your bills. This helps you have a full view of all your bills in one place.

2. Make a routine/ritual: Make a routine/ritual out of paying your bills that works for you. Most people pay their bills at the end of the month/ beginning of each new month when paychecks have been received. Making a routine/ ritual and also a set day and time every month dedicated to paying your bills eases the process and helps you reduce anxiety especially if you are one who gets really moody after paying your bills. To lighten the mood you can seat on your table or in a comfortable position, have some coffee, tea or wine. Whatever you prefer don’t go with wine if you get intoxicated easily. Have your laptop ready with your bank app open, also have your payment apps ready if you use any, have a pen and your organization note pad where your bills are listed to tick once one has been paid.

Turn on some music if you work well with the music and get to work. You can also have a reward system to help make paying your bills fun, for example, you can give yourself a glass of wine after you are done paying your bills.

3. Pay them at the same time: paying your bills at the same time is like ripping off a band-aid at once. It hurts terribly that one time but it gets better. If you are like me and do not want to continuously feel the “pain” paying your bills at the same time is the best option for you. Also having an automatic system put in place for paying your bills can also be helpful.

Paying bills can seem like such a tedious task but these above tips can make it less painful and even fun. You can’t run away from the bills, we don’t ever retire from adulting so try to make it as painless as possible.


So while you are busy paying bills endeavour to also live your best life.

Do you like paying your bills? Do you have a special routine for paying off your bills? Do you find these tips helpful? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below 👇


  1. Adulting can be so mindboggling, and this advise really settles in…
    Personally, I’ll start paying my bills all at once. I’m also a firm believer in rewarding yourself.
    So, if I’ve got nepa bill, data subscription and rent for instance, I could pay some money into another account for savings or ‘flexing’
    That way, paying bills becomes more fun… I think.


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