3 tips on spending money in a pandemic.

I have not written about Finance lately because we are currently in a pandemic and I felt this wasn’t the best time to speak about money. Especially because sadly, a lot of us have been forced to go over budget and so many people have been laid off their jobs. If you’re one of those people I’m truly deeply sorry and I know you will certainly get back stronger and better.

However, with everything going on I decided it won’t harm to talk a bit about our spending habits this pandemic. Especially since we would want our money to be right after the pandemic.

First off, a good number of people were hit hard when this happened because they didn’t have a rainy day/emergency fund for things like this and also ample savings. If you have read my post on emergency saving you will know what I am talking about, if you haven’t you should. Also, some people especially entrepreneurs have had their money tied down in business investments and general investments when this happened. So it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time right? Yes, I agree.

All this said, I know how you all are feeling and I know we have been spending much more than we bargained for, so I put together a little guide with some tips to help you ease up on the cash:

1. Don’t treat this like a holiday: this is number one because of the conversation I had with a friend yesterday. He literally asked and how the “holiday” was going and I was like what? What holiday?

Now for someone that has been treating this like some vacation or holiday, he or she will most likely spend more money on unnecessary things. Retail e-commerce shops have been cashing out lately because a lot of people are bored on their phones and ‘adding to cart’. If you can afford to splurge then this wouldn’t be a problem for you but if you’re living on a strict budget then I would advise you reevaluate for a minute.

2. Avoid stress spending: stress spending is emotional spending and it should be AVOIDED that kind of spending can hurt you financially. I know the times are uncertain and a lot of emotions are flying about but we should learn to control ourselves and take it easy on the shopping apps. You wouldn’t want to come of the pandemic broke, high and dry especially since we don’t know when it will end and also what to expect when it does.

3. Avoid shopping for things that aren’t your basic necessities: this takes me to my last point, try as much as possible to shop for what you need only. I understand there are a lot of tempting offers so even if you want to splurge and spoil yourself a little bit (for those that can afford to) do it within certain limits no need to . Some things are totally unnecessary to you and a waste. Avoid wasteful spending. Instead of spending wastefully, you can decide to donate some money to feed the needy at this time. Trust me the joy you will get from helping others is much better than the validation you may be seeking in those material things.


All in all, I understand the need we may have to spend way more than our budget but I hope these tips help you spend wisely and live your best life even in quarantine. How have you been spending money lately? Let’s Discuss below

Much love 🌺Stay safe .


    1. For Data, I have decided to really cut down on that aspect by
      1. Cutting the hours I spend on the internet doing nothing.
      2. Switching off my mobile plan when I’m offline.
      3. Ensuring my apps are enabled to use less data. You can find this in your app settings especially for apps like Instagram and Twitter.

      I’ll be talking about how to use the internet less and some other things in my next post. Do look out for it and thanks for reading.
      Love D.A

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  1. It was a good read. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and now with the lockdown a whole lot of items and goods are on lockdown. Like you said many would also want to spend their money on necessities so it’s really a wavy length.

    Nice read in all


    1. Thank you for reading. I understand the weight on the shoulders of small business owners being a business owner myself. I pray we all go through this and come out better than before. Have a lovely day ahead. Love D.A


  2. This is a timely post and full of good advice. Because we live rural and can expect at times to be cut off (two weeks this past winter due to snow and downed trees), we are always prepared. Meaning gas for generators, wood for the stove, full pantry, full freezer. But financially it is always a struggle to scrape a little for savings. Oddly, during this time, we are better off. I have to work like normal, being considered ‘essential’ but my husband is furloughed and collecting more on unemployment than he does working. That is a concept foreign to me and gives me guilt. But we are taking advantage of it to build the savings up. Although he is also spending some like it’s a holiday, buying things for projects around the house. It’s a strange world out there right now.


    1. Hello Lisa, I totally understand how you’re feeling as regards to your current situation. I am also happy you can still save a little from what you earn during a time like this.

      However, cutting down on purchases can enable you to save more which is great in the long run. Since your husband is the one spending more, you can have a conversation about it with him. While doing this have in mind that it’s a very emotional period and so many are spending this much based on how they are currently feeling. So although it may not be the best in the long run, it’s understandable.
      Thank you for reading and I am happy this article was helpful to you. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing more of you on here.

      Stay Safe.

      Love D.A

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