The Magic that is Daily Self Affirmations towards living your best lives.

Steele in 19888 said “Self affirmations are statements that we tell ourselves in order to spark self change”.

Let’s be real for a second we all talk to ourselves, I know I do all the time the question is what do you tell yourself everyday? Sometimes I sit and have a whole conversation with myself about the things I want to do, places I want to be, and so on. Sounds crazy right? Well, maybe just a little, this crazy exercise of mine leaves me with a sense of confidence and a vibe to work harder so that with each passing day, I work towards getting to that places I have already discussed with myself.

These conversations I have with my self are very likened to positive daily affirmations. When you wake up and say your prayers and talk to yourself about your day by speaking positivity into your day, well everything has a way of falling into place and even when they don’t exactly fall into place, you will find the best way to resolve the problems that may arise.

Self/positive affirmations are sentences you repeat to yourself to build a belief system within your subconscious mind. This can be effectively done by writing a list of positive affirmations that motivate you to do better, and inspire you and these help you over come your internal and external battles.

Ever heard of the law of attraction? Well it works and affirmations are the law of attraction in exercise and reality. When you say positive things and talk positivity you start feeling positive about life over time. All aspects of our lives can be affected positively by our daily chants of positive affirmations.

Some of these aspects are:

  • Daily Affirmations help with confidence: affirmations serve as a source of motivation for us. Recently I wanted to ask my employer for the pay he owes and I suddenly felt some sort of unease, I mean it is my right so why the hell was I feeling uneasy I told myself one morning “Destiny you worked your butt and you deserve your pay so this unease you feel is just gas from poorly digested food” after I said that to myself I texted him and asked for my payment. Although he hasn’t paid yet I am glad I could ask instead of just sitting waiting for him to gain the initiative. (Dear Employer if you are reading this Pay Me). What we tell ourselves is super important for our self confidence.
  • Daily Affirmations help with depression: depression often comes from those falsities our mind tells us. So when your mind tells you, you are a failure, worthless etc. You can tell yourself ” I am an important piece of this amazing universe created by God. I am a blessing because I am blessed” and guess what you will believe it why? Because it is the TRUTH.
  • Daily Affirmations help with anxiety: anxiety is crazy and anyone that goes through this from time to time knows its just a shitty feeling. Daily Affirmations have been proven to give you that much desired calm when you ask yourself why I’m I anxious the some say the earth is round others say its egg shaped whatever everyone will always have their opinions and that’s okay. Therefore it is okay for me to be me.
  • Daily Affirmations help change your belief system: when you know that whatever you believe will come to you will actually come to you eventually through heard work and tenacity, the way you see life changes. Just as the Bible says ask and it shall be given sounds simple right? Well it actually is. There is no room for negativity when you practice positivity every day.
  • Daily Affirmations make you see your blessings clearly and helps you to be always grateful for all you have and have received.
  • Daily affirmations help us live our best lives. The more we repeat it the better of us and it is best if we write them and can read it out to ourselves. Affirmations have a proven positive effect on our daily living and interactions with others.
  • Daily Affirmations help you live Longer: yes yes yes, have you not heard that positive people live longer ? Well they do, their hearts are healthy and they live a better quality of life because they know how important they are to the universe.

Daily positive affirmations help a lot more than we care to admit. Not sure how daily affirmations look like? Here are some examples of daily affirmations you can say:

  • “I am smart and capable of accomplishing anything.”
  • “I am a beautiful soul, beauty radiates from me”
  • “Everyday is a gift that I am deserving of”
  • “I am grateful for everything I have.”
  • “I am worthy if the love I receive”
  • “It’s easy for me to meet people. I attract positive, kind-hearted people.”

Do you believe in daily affirmations? Do you think it helps you live better? What are your daily affirmation/chants? I would live to hear your thoughts on this so kindly leave a comment below. Enjoy the week ahead.


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