How to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you are single.

Over the years Valentine’s Day has been a day where couples have all the fun and the single people just mop but does it have to be so? Hence why I am dedicating this post to the singles and showing how to enjoy Valentine’s day when you’re a single!

In the past week I have been hearing/ reading alot about Valentine’s Day and even wrote a Valentine’s day gift guide for couples for a blog I ghost write for. I noticed that everyone is so transfixed on the idea that Valentine’s day is a day for couples.

We hear questions like “Who is your val this year?” “How are you spending the day with bae?” And so on but “what if you don’t have a bae?” And you’re single, how then do you enjoy the world lovers day?

First of all, let’s go back to history a little Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates St. Valentine the advocate of love. Now over the years, the media and people in general have tagged the day world love celebration day for those in relationships so does that mean that people who are single or baeless do not deserve to enjoy the celebration also?

Well, I say we ALL deserve to enjoy the day of love celebration why? Because baeless or not we all deserve to partake in the day’s celebrations. So that said here are some ways for single people to enjoy the day:

1. Self care day: gosh first of self care is self love so instead to sitting at home watching romance movies and crying over your lost love or lack of a love life, why not take all that alone time and put it to good use. Have a long bubble bath (if you have a tub), get your hair and nails done because why not? Do your skincare routine, work out, take a walk, read a book, visit your a coffee shop to have your favorite sweets. For example I have been craving chocolate chip cookies so I’m going to get me some chocolate chip cookies and enjoy it. Its the little things.

Also takeIt’st a journal and write a list of the things you absolutely love about yourself. Trust me you will be too busy taking care of yourself and showing yourself some TLC that you forget about your lack of a bae. You are your own bae and personal love first!

2. Gift giving: gift giving isn’t for the people in relationships alone. If you love giving gifts and feel like gifting someone, you totally can. Get a gift for the most supportive and loving person or people in your life right now. It could be something super small and meaningful just to say that you love them and you care about them.

3. Girls/Guys day out: okay you’re single but so are some of your friends. So why not get all dolled up and hit the town. Enjoy the company of each other it will definitely be fun.

4. Date: being single doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a great Valentine’s day date. If someone asked you out for Valentine’s day and you have been hesitating to go (I’m on this table) why the hell not? Go out have a nice time and you can still get home in time for some self care TLC. It’s a win win. Nope don’t use the day as an excuse to fall into bed with the wrong person. Nope it’s not worth it and if the date is becoming annoying honey, no one tied you to that chair pick yourself up and go home or go and hang with your friends.

5. Social media cleanse: we all know that social media will be buzzing with proposals and cute pictures of couples. You don’t need all that especially when you low key will be comparing yourself with them, hence the best time to go offline and focus on yourself. A social media cleanse is always a win.

Being single isn’t a bad thing or a curse even if your cells are craving for love and a partner or you’re out there ain’t worried about nothing. Its a time for self love, self development and figuring out a lot of things for yourself. Never ever feel you’re less or don’t deserve to receive or show love just because you’re single. It’s a great period to live your absolute best life and enjoy it to the fullest. So happy Valentine’s day to all my lovers and singles out there. One more thing Don’t, I repeat don’t text your ex or reply the “wassup” text from your ex who thinks, you’re lonely. You deserve better than that.

Meanwhile, what are your plans for tomorrow and do you have any tell me…


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