Hello May: New month musings and it’s our anniversary!

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the month of May. I know starting out 2020 you never envisaged that you would be ushering May, the second month in the second quarter of the year filled with so much mixed feelings, doubt, and uncertainty but here we are.

I am just here to reaffirm you once more that you’re not alone, we are in this together [yeah like the song 🙂 ] and we will be fine. It’s a new month and although times are uncertain, we can still set some realistic goals for ourselves and crush them. Do not be discouraged by what is happening around you but focus on yourself, your journey, and your growth. Soon everything will normalise and you will be glad you didn’t loose your focus.

So until that happens remember you’re the sun, moon and the stars all wrapped in a unique package of awesome.

Talking about Awesome, May is always an amazing month here on the blog because it’s the month of our bloganniversary. Can you believe we are 3 years strong? I cannot believe it either. I started this blog because I wanted to write my heart out and share my experiences. Little did I know I will meet you amazing lot and just connect and encourage a lot of people.

In the past 3 years amidst, months of no posts, failed self-hosting adventures, and a lot of doubt as to where we are heading with this blog, chicitynomad has grown tremendously and I owe that growth to every single one of you.

Starting this 4th year we are dedicated to serving you more than ever. I say we because some amazing people will be on here from time to time to give some amazing content and I can’t wait to unveil everything we have in stock.

That said. Thank you for riding and vibing with us and being a part of this amazing community. If there is anything you would love to see more of, on here. Kindly leave it in the comments below!

Enjoy the New month of May and stay safe. Tell us how you plan to enjoy this month below👇

Love and light 🌺


  1. I LOVE your bullet journal! And congrats on heading into your fourth year! I’ve also has months off and months on, but happy to hear it’s going well for you right now! Good luck for the year ahead! x


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