5 tips to help you make the most of the last weeks of 2018!

It’s December and we are in the last weeks of the year. Alot has happened so far this year and although the year is gradually coming to an end and we are gearing for a new year ahead, there is still a alot to be achieved before the year ends and all these are possible if only we make the most of the month of December.

The month of December being the last month of the year is packed with activities and festivities and it is so easy to be swarmed with all these activities and loose track of the days we have in this month. However, today I will be giving few tips on how to make the most of the last week of the year!

5 ways to help make the most of the next few weeks:

1. Go back to the drawing board: A december that is fully utilised ushers in the new year properly. For me December is a month of sober reflection and going back to drawing board.

We all had some resolutions and goals we set for ourselves through out the year and some of these have been achieved, partially achieved and neglected. So going back to the drawing board gives us perspective on what we have done and all we are yet to do. This way we can put into action a plan to achieve the rest of our goals.

2. Set short and achievable goals:

setting short and achievable goals help put our mind and life in perspective. The best way is to look through all the goals we haven’t achieved yet and choose the ones that can be achievable within the next few weeks and get to it. Mind you you may not achieve this goal but by the time the year ends you will have made tremendous progress and you will be closer to achieving this goal of yours.

These goals may be setting up that business you wanted to this year, although you may not finish setting it up in just 2 weeks but you can get your business plan done, research your market and get some contacts. It may also be to finish writing that article or reading that book. So get to it!

3. Plan and schedule your time:

planning and making a schedule for your time is great, as you will have adequate time for the things that are important. Making lists come in handy while making these plans. December is the time of the year when you meet family and friends alot, so to ensure you aren’t so occupied and that you still have time to do something very productive within the next few weeks, having a schedule and sticking with it is key and will help you achieve this.

4. Make a list!: I love lists because they make me sooo productive and pro-active.

Making a list of all the things you are supposed to get done, in line with your goals and responsibilities in the next few weeks, gives a good visual representation and a mental picture of your ‘to dos”, this makes planing and execution way easier. For more productive days, make short lists of everything you should have done by the end of the day. You will be surprised what you can achieve in 24 hours when you tick off done tasks at the end of the day.

5. Practice self care: the fact that the next few week will be filled with lost of activities, family engagements, parties, concerts, dinners and so on doesn’t mean you neglect yourself and your health. Making out time to practice self care is very essential for your soul and body. Remember you are very important and you should be a priority also.

While doing all of these ensure you maintain a minsdet of Gratitude and a hunger to be better in the new year. I hope some of these tips help you make the most of the next few weeks and usher the new year with the right energy.

I am currently working on finishing two books, an online course and actively practicing0 lots of self care.

What are your short term goals and how do you plan to make the most of the last few weeks of 2018?


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