3 Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt + Delicious Recipes

Greek yogurt has various health benefits, for one who was never a fan of yogurts I have been converted to a believer by my darling sister who is an avid healthy eater and certified Greek yogurt lover.

Greek Yogurt

She loves it so much she makes her own yogurt. Greek yogurt isn’t like your other frozen treats such as ice cream or jello, this is low key while I wasn’t really a fan at first. However, I finally gave it a chance and found myself enjoying it way more than I expected. Now I enjoy it, not only because I have figured out delicious ways to enjoy it but I love that it’s a healthy and guilt-free treat that is filled with all the good stuff and I honestly can’t get enough.

Some health benefits of Greek Yogurt:

First off, Greek yogurt goes through a straining process, this process removes the whey which is a liquid containing lactose (natural sugar found in milk).

I’m not an expert but from my research and experience I have found Greek yogurt to be:

1. Filled with nutrients such as protein, probiotics, calcium, vitamins and so on which is generally great for us.

2. Improves gut health and metabolism as the probiotics help restore bacterial balance within the gut, which is a good thing by the way.

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3. It also aids digestion and some studies say it is great for lowering blood pressure. It has been also said to have some mental health benefits. Some studies claim it helps reduce depression and anxiety.

While the benefits of Greek yogurt is an established fact, having ways to enjoy it is paramount as Greek yogurt usually tastes like sour cream. Not to worry though because here are some delicious ways to enjoy Greek yogurt:

A few Delicious ways to enjoy Greek yogurt:

  • Eat it as a breakfast or dessert bowl with banana, blueberries or even strawberries.  These are my personal favorites.
  • You can also use it to make healthy parfaits my second favorite.
  • You can spread it on crackers or bread as a healthier replacement for butter.
  • It is also a perfect replacement for cream as a topping for soups
  • I haven’t tried this yet but some people use it as a pasta sauce and enjoy it.
  • Add honey, cocoa powder and either or maple syrup to plain Greek yogurt to make a treat.
  • You can also mix it with herbs to make a vegetable tip.
Greek yogurt delicious breakfast bowls: Various Delicious ways to eat Greek Yogurt.

Whether you decide to eat it plain, as a dip, parfait, or part of your breakfast bowl, Greek yogurt is a nutritious addition to any diet. Are you a fan of Greek yogurt? Do you eat it? What’s your favorite way to enjoy it? Tell us below 👇👇


  1. I always have mine with a blend of fruits; strawberries and bananas actually. Now I’m thinking maybe I should try pineapple too… I also use it as a spread for bread but I add a little bit of sugar just to kill the sour taste. I didn’t even know they contained probiotics. thanks for sharing dear


  2. I actually didnt know they contained probiotics… wow
    I normally take mine with fruit blend; strawberries and bananas. and sometimes, as bread spread but I usually add sugar to beat down the sour taste. up next, honey and cocoa powder for ta nice treat


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